How is your SJP items holding up?

  1. Just wondering how your SJP items are holding up? Have hey shrunk or fallen apart?
  2. I only have two shirts from her line and they are holding up pretty well especially the polo style shirt.
  3. I have two t-shirts (the Fashion is not a luxury one and the blue one with a NY skyline), and they are holding up well. Wore and washed them about 5-6 times maybe, and they havent changed at all!
  4. Eh, I have a white dove tee that had a warped collar after the first wash; I also have a black sleeveless top that was fine for the first few washes, but now the color has faded to a gray-black. I have another gray top that has held up ok though (so far). Don't expect too much for the price and you'll be fine.
  5. I bought a few of her pieces and so far have only washed and worn 2 of them (a few times each though). I wash them in cold and don't put them in the drier and both shirts are just fine.
  6. All of my stuff has held up great. Very pleasantly shocked over that. I thought for the price they would only last through maybe 5-7 washes. I have 1 pair of her jeans that just keeps getting softer and softer, that might not be a good thing to you