How is your self-esteem/self-confidence?

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  1. My self-esteem comes and goes. When I'm with my boyfriend, I generally don't care how I look, but then there's certain things and certain people who send it crashing to the ground. I have good days and bad days when I look in the mirror. I don't know what I think of my body.
  2. I think we all have good days and bad days. thats just being human. I find that the older I get, the more my self esteem/confidence improves. The more you accomplish in life (and that can mean just great relationships with friends/family not necessarily $$) the better you feel about yourself. Taking care of yourself helps alot too. And just getting older, I really find that I can give a rats behind about whether or not people accept me or not cause I have a pantload of friends and a wonderful DH that does.
  3. At the moment....not so great. I have gained weight and I don't look right....none of my clothes fit, and I feel that I am getting fatter by the second.
  4. It gets better and better every year!! As I get older I care less and less about what others think of me, but sure I have insecurities just like anyone else.

    Life really through me a curve ball recently and it's putting my confidence and self-esteem to the ultimate test. But I sure as hell am glad I'm dealing with all this at 40 and not 25! I could not have handled things as well as I am now compared to when I was younger.
  5. Don't feel bad at all, I have these days a lot. My bf is really supportive and says I should be more confident because I'm beautiful and perfect, etc. but I just don't FEEL like it, you know?
    I do appreciate his support though, it does make me feel better.
    Mostly, I just do things that make me feel good, indulge in a hobby, etc. and try not to let your negative feelings surface. In general, just do things that make you happy, it'll make you feel happier and better as a whole as well.
  6. Generally speaking I have very good self esteem/confidence....HOWEVER..........

    Getting pregnant 3 yrs ago...and us moving to bumb F* Alaska.....I have put on a ton of me its a ton. The weight is a result of being pregnant, bed ridden while pregnant (last 3 months), becoming lazy here in Alaska and my husband the awesome chef.

    It is becoming impossible to loose it due to little time, etc etc.

    So the weight issue has actually put a big fat (har har) dent into my self esteem/confidence.

    If I could just loose this darn weight, Id be back to my old self :crybaby:
  7. I think it's two parts...being a woman and the game we play with ourselves in our head.

    You have to be happy with yourself first, period. Do whatever you need to to get that done, but you have to become happy and consistantly so.

    Then, hopefully, your self esteem will follow along right behind, and if you are consistant in your won't be on such a roller coaster ride!

    Good luck to you...I will be thinking of you!
  8. I think that it has alot to do with our own perfection/expectations......

    I feel that I am fine and dandy....then, Ill see someone or look in a magazine and start thinking the "I wish"
    Then the demons or little issues I hold inside comes out and can take over.

    You know, its like a guy told me once..."Guys are competitive...but unlike girls...we see something better or something we want and say to ourselves...if he can do it, I can do it...and learn from it/evolve. " Thats what I try to do.... our society...the girls do have alot more pressure about outter no wonder its a struggle for us.....:tdown:
  9. Oh, tell me about it! Right now it's really bad! I feel like a whale, and the ugliest person in the world. I don't know why!
  10. *BIG SIGH*

    Time to rant......

    I am sooooo angry w/ myself for putting on this weight. I have been hating myself for it lately. You know, I have maintained a healthy weight for soooo long...I was looking good, exactly how I wanted to look, and then, of course, right before the wedding....I get FAT. I am soooo mad at myself for it. I is a combination of bordem, not having anything to do in this TINY town, not having a job at the moment, and just sitting around doing nothing.....but I'm so afraid it's never going to come off. I was so happy w/ my weight before. I was healthy, and felt good physically and I just feel like a mess.:crybaby:And I feel as though I look it, too. I DID feel good about myself--until I left myself go. :sad:

    Sorry for the rant and bringing everyone down. I am just really REALLY sad at the moment about my weight. I don't feel like myself anymore.