how is your oldest bv holding up?

  1. hi fellow tpfers, just wanted to find out:
    (1) what's the oldest bv you own?
    (2) is it still in good condition? (please post pics if you can)

    as i'm very new to bv i am curious as to how long these bags can really hold out (with or without tlc) - my oldest is a large ebano veneta which is only 3 months old so it'll really be great if we could hear from some bv "veterans". :shrugs:
  2. I imagine boxermom and Marly (whom I haven't seen around on this sub for a while now :shrugs:) would have fab examples!

    My oldest BV is my Continental Wallet in Ebano, which I got as a belated birthday pressie last Sept. It's still in great condition, except prolly that the colour isn't as intense as when I'd first got it.

    I'll try to take some pics to post soon!
  3. Mine is only two months old, but one of my business partners has an ebano intrecciato business bag that is 18 years old!!

    She told me that she bought it in Italy and has used it frequently carrying her essentials as well as business documents, she does use leather cleaner and mink oil once a year or so which was suggeted at the boutique when she bought it, and she does not super baby it.

    I must tell you that the bag is beautiful, the leather is oh so soft, and it certainly does not look like 18 years old. We are hoping to have some time to talk more about our BVs and I'll be taking pics for sure!!
  4. Mid, would love to see that. As someone who is also relatively new to BV, I am curious as to how well they last. In terms of hardiness, the best for me has to be my LV bags. I have a Damier Chelsea tote that I used for years as my everyday business bag and it hardly shows any signs of wear at all. And I am hard on my accessories, unfortunately (taking public transit every day will do that!)
  5. I am not one to baby my bags excessively so I hope the BV's hold up! I can't resist them.
  6. My aunt has some that are 20 years old they still look great! I think it's all in how you care for them! I keep trying to get her to give them up since they are such classic styles!
  7. Although most of you have already recently seen the pics and are probably sick of hearing me bang on about this bag, :girlsigh:but currently this is my oldest BV from 2005 and it has been seriously abused and broken in. Yes, the rivet veneta in chevre (goatskin). I :heart: this bag sooo much:love:
    DSCF0811.JPG DSCF0795.JPG
  8. Syma- i never get tired of seeing that bag. it is tdf.
  9. thanks for responding, everyone. this is great information.

    mid- and chances88, hope your business partner and aunt will consent to their heritage bvs being photographed - they would be such precious photo resources.

    i am really hoping that one of my iconic babies will also become one of these wonderful bags that last till the next generation. how cool is that?
  10. Thank you annie9999, your such a sweetie!:flowers:
  11. My oldest BV is a magnolia baby bag that I got Feb 2007, but I have not used it extensively since it is a very light delicate color. There are a few smudges on the corners but otherwise quite clean. My limo campana I have had since May 2007 and it's still in great condition even though I wear it daily. There are a few smudges on the corners and handles, and the leather has gotten softer and slouchier, but that's it.

    I too would love to see how vintage BV's hold up with and without additional leather care. I plan to send my heavily used bags for cleaning once a year, but hope that even if I don't these bags will still look great as they get older.
  12. ouija board, you have a limo? i love the color but am so afraid of getting it stained. do you have to be careful about what you wear with it (no dark jeans, for example)?

    oh, what am i saying, it's not like i'm getting a limo bag anytime soon. :s
  13. BlueGenes, this is not as delicate a color as you would think; I don't think I've ever considered what clothes I wear with it. While this may sometimes result in me looking like I dressed in the dark, it has never resulted in color transfer even with dark jeans (I do make a point of carrying the bag more on my shoulder rather in my hand when I wear dark jeans). The magnolia bag, on the other hand, did get some color transfer when I wore it with a dark blue top.

    I love the limo color, and if you can find one at a good price I say go for it. To be honest, the color doesn't have much wow factor. My carmino and ferro bags get more oohs and aahs when I wear them out, but my limo bag goes with any outfit (at least in my mirror!) and will look great years later.
  14. thanks, ouijaboard! yeah, i guess the limo isn't a "stand-out" color but it does look like a beautiful neutral. i'm glad it's also easy to wear (as in, not super finicky to take care of). i would love a limo veneta, but hey, a girl needs to keep her eyes from constantly wandering... so for the moment i'll just look at all of the beautiful bags on tPF :smile:
  15. My oldest BV is 6 months - my ebano veneta. Gosh I shudder to think how much I've spent on BV this year. :sweatdrop: So far it's holding up quite well. The leather is soft and durable. I only use it on the weekends and I'm quite careful with it. There is a slight tiny tear in one of the leather where two straps intersect but I plan to bring it back early next year to have it repaired since servicing is covered within 1 year. :jammin: