How Is Your Neverfull Monogram Holding Up?

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How is you Neverfull Monogram holding up?

  1. It's holding up excellent!

  2. It isn't holding up so well..

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  1. Hi everyone! Since this happened to me: I think I want to get the Neverfull in Monogram canvas instead of the Damier one. It's sad because I'm in love with the Damier pattern, but since that happened to me, twice, I don't think I want risk the same thing again!

    Now I'm just wondering how your Monogram Neverfull is holding up? :smile: Please tell me so that I don't have to experience the same problem again..

    Thank you!
  2. after three years great! The leather is a nice rich patina, because of so much use, but holding up very well, no issues here!
  3. My neverful also still looks fantastic, it was my first louis and at the time I thought they were indestructible, which is definitely not the case, but I never babied it at all (my brother (doesn't know LV) actually put a coffee in the back of the bag without me knowing it (mines a pm) and it spilled all over the vachetta, you wouldn't even know anything happened though) I am really impressed with the look of my nf after so many years. I love it.
  4. ^^This is a good question! I'm considering getting the Mono GM, soon. Are the straps as stiff as the Damier (which is what I currently have)?
  5. I have had my Mono NF for almost 3 years, and I use it everyday, and it's holding up gorgeous! No problems what so ever with it. The straps are really comfy and broken in and it looks great! I think you would be very happy with the Mono after your experience with Damier. Go for it.
  6. Cari248,
    I am so glad you started this thread because I was wondering the same thing. I want the bag but I want it to look/hold up good and not fall apart in no time. I baby my bags as well but have concerns about... how the thin straps will hold up if the bag is used a lot?
    Thanks and I hope everyone that has one, will post :smile:

  7. WOW, REALLY? :yahoo: May I ask how the leather binding around the top is holding up? I would most likely keep my cinched all the time. Thanks
  8. I've purchased mines in 2007 and so far so good. I carry all of my junk and my toddler's stuff in it. It's so easy to get into and it's not too heavy.
  9. Cari..thanks for asking this question! I'm going to the boutique tomorrow and still figuring out which Neverfull, what pattern to get (that is if NF wins over Azur Eva).
    Really sorry about your Damier NF experience. I was hoping to get the MM, but now I may just have to decide over which Mono size. Such a real bummer because I am definitely an Ebene person like you!
  10. It's holding up great there. I honestly have no problems with it and I use it all the time. I also have traveled alot with it, so it's been used often. Honestly, it's been a fantastic purchase for me. I keep mine cinched too.
  11. I just bought mine recently so can't really comment on years of experience with the bag. But I've traveled with it recently and it was a great travel companion. Not to mention not too much vachetta to worry about also. Hopefully I can get a lot of use from this bag :biggrin: You should totally invest in one.
  12. Thank you so much for all the responses :biggrin: It looks like the Monogram version is holding up a bit better than my Damier one..

    Please keep the experiences coming, I need it!
  13. my mono mm is about 1yr7months old. used it almost daily and it's holding up good! the patina is dark and can't wait for it to turn really rich! and i lobe how the canvas look after prolong usage. it's just so nice to look at! :smile:
  14. I have the Mono GM and its fantastic! I don't use it for everyday (it's not my preferred daily style), only for travelling and its been on & off planes, in overhead lockers and under the seat in front, carried through airports and security scanners, filled to the brim! It's amazing really how strong those straps are. I have a wheeled cabin bag as well and when the NF gets a bit heavy, I just lie it across the pull up handles of the wheelie bag. Perfect. No signs of defects, wear or tear, honestly. I even had one of the Airport Security women (sitting at the scanner) comment on how nice it was! :smile:

    I really recommend this bag, especially the GM size.

    (P.S.: I also use a base shaper with it, so I believe this helps in balancing out the contents and keeping it in overall good shape).
  15. Thank you so much :smile: