How is your metallic black reissue holding up?

  1. I am considering this bag in the largest size..

    * How long have you had this bag?

    * How often have you used it, and for what purpose(s)? (eg day,evening,etc)

    *how is the leather/stitching holding up?

    *any special care/precautions required?

    * Anything else I should look out for?

    Thanks a lot ladies!!:flowers:
  2. anyone? :shrugs:
  3. Hi! :smile: I've had my metallic black 226 reissue for a few months. :smile: I've used it maybe five times both day/evening (so I can't really attest to its durability based on my use of it haha), but it's held up beautifully.... and I tend to baby my bags. :heart:

    IMO, the distressed calfskin is quite durable... maybe not to the level of caviar, but it isn't particularly delicate. With metallic reissues (especially lighter colored ones), I've seen dark spots occur (the fading of the color leaves behind these unsightly dark spots... not on my bags, but on a used light silver reissue I saw on eBay, for example), but I think that would take a lot of abuse to have happen... plus, the metallic black reissue is already black. :p

    The only potential negative thing I can think of would be the metallic black coating fading over time, but I haven't heard anything about that happening from other tpfer's, so I think the bag should be fine in the long run! :tup:

    Anyway, sorry for rambling on... that's what happens when you wait until sunday night (well, monday morning!) to catch up on your work, ahh. :rolleyes:

    Hope that helps a bit... if you have any other questions ask away and I'll try to answer! :heart:
  4. Thank you very much ff for the very helpful reply. I really want this bag,suddenly. I turned it down because I thought I shouldn't have 3 black flap bags, but this is different and I loved it in itself. Next time, when bag buying, I shall trust my instincts!!
  5. Another perspective for you from a 227 owner. I've had it for a few months only, so not long but have used it almost more than any other bag, day and night, to all sorts of places including routine shopping, travelling etc. It looks as good today as it did when I first received it and I have done nothing special at all to look after it. It feels like a really resilient bag, much more so than the gorgeous lambskin blue fonce flap I have recently received. I don't worry about the reissue at all and love, love, love it - get one if you possibly can would be my only advice!
  6. I love the 'coating' used on my MB 227. The coat seems to be a barrier or protective covering on the leather.

    The card that came with the bag says "the exceptional finish of this shearling may make it sensitive to the environment (rains, stains, etc.). We recommend avoiding contact with delicate materials. To maintain the beauty, gently clean with a soft brush to remove dust."

    I've only had mine for 4 days but it's been with me everywhere and I haven't had any problems. :blush: