How is your Marcie Satchel holding up?

  1. I am soooooooo tempting to get Marcie Satchel from the very beginning since the release, but but but I am concern about ;

    *the front flap pocket- seems like kind of "useless" to me as I like to use the front pocket for keys & cellphone, but since the front flap poket is flat it's not much use to me.

    *handles "wrapping" - I am paranoid and worries about the "wrapping" will come unattached after all this is a satchel, KWIM?
  2. I have the medium satchel in two different colours and find it to be one of the most user friendly bags I've ever owned. The front flap pocket easily accomodates a mobile phone and a couple of sets of keys without the flap kicking out too much or not feeling secure. So far I've not had any problem with or reason to worry about the handles unwrapping and I've used both bags fairly frequently for months on end.

    Chloe bags in the main are fairly well built and sturdy. The only one of their bags that I've ever had a problem with was Heloise which did seem to have an issue with weakly attached handles, but so far the Marcie has been excellent to use. I'd highly recommend it ( especially in the version that I own with the double handles and removeable shoulder strap).

  3. ho ho ho, sounds like Santa is calling my names!!!!!! :lol:

    I too agreed that Chloe bags are well built and sturdy, I let go Edith 3 times and still I want her back :tup:
  4. I have the large marcie in tan and it is one of the most well built bags I own. There is no sign of the handle unraveling. I don't think it's possible actually. I really wouldn't worry about it.

    I highly recommend this bag! :tup:

  5. :ty:

    ho ho ho Merry Christmas to me :p
  6. You will definitely love it and it a great choice for a christmas present for yourself!
  7. I have the large satchel in Ash and large hobo in Moka, both are very well made and sturdy. Highly recommend the Marcie!!
  8. Hi everyone!

    I know this is an old thread, but I got a large Marcie at my local Nordstrom back in February, and as soon as I took it home, I noticed that what you're in fact talking about happened--the wrapped handle started falling apart (as seen below). I literally used it around the house once, just to look at it with my items, and it started pulling.


    I figured I got a defective piece, so I went back to the store. They repaired it in a month, and when I picked it up at the store, the associate showed me the piece and there was black adhesive all over the handle. She didn't even think twice--she shoved my remark about the black adhesive aside and just gave me the bag. I was appalled since I'd never get treated like that at boutiques like Louis Vuitton--they take pride in the bags that they sell to their customers and would address it fully. Luckily, it did come off after rubbing (once I got home), but it was an awful experience. And in general, I think this person shouldn't be selling luxury handbags. But that is a different story! Perhaps I will complain to Nordstrom.

    Finally got the bag home, used it out once, but found that I didn't even want to put my iPad in it, for it seemed to be too weak and I didn't want it to fall apart again. The bottom of the handle looks like it may start to unravel and I really don't want to go back to Nordstrom to deal with them.

    So, my question is--is this just a defective piece? Someone on this thread said that they can put books and their iPad in it...something it seems like my bag can't do.
    Do I continue to go back to Nordstrom (although I'd rather not, since I don't like the staff in my store) or can I go straight to Chloe in NYC if I show them my receipt, etc.? I love the Marcie, but at the same time I'm not really happy with it because of the trouble I've gone through with this bag.

    Any suggestions or advice? Thanks!
  9. SSV, you should definitely take it back! When you returned it the first time, they should have given you a replacement, not repair the one you'd only just bought and not used! Instead of going into Nordstrom, could you possibly call them and speak to a supervisor and explain the situation? If you have no luck there, then maybe call the Chloe boutique and ask for their advice. It is obviously a defective bag that you've been sold. So many people are happy with their Marcies that it can't be right that you can't even put your iPad in there. Good luck and let us know how you get on!
  10. Thank you! I definitely will let you know how it turns out. :smile:
  11. Oh no, I'm so sorry about your Marcie!

    You should take it back to Nordstrom and go directly to customer service and bypass the rude staff. Let them know that you have received less than stellar customer service. Have Nordies deal with the repair if you can. Chloe is not know for their customer service, but you could give it a shot. Good luck!

  12. I agree with you completely and have two Marcie bags both with xbody strap. The top handles seem so robust and sturdy...I can't imagine them unravelling or breaking. If it does, it must be defective :sad:
  13. I have two Marcie satchels, neither of which has a crossbody strap, so I use them exclusively with the wrapped handles and I've never had an issue. At this point, my Marcies are two to three years old and I love them so much that I plan on buying another one for fall! In fact, I've ordered one from the Nordstrom anniversary sale and hope to receive it tomorrow. If it doesn't live up to my expectations, I have my eye on a couple of other bags - both Marcies!

    ssvOO3, I would definitely speak to some one else at Nordstrom regarding your problem; they should resolve it to your complete satisfaction.
  14. Oh! What colour(s) are you getting? :smile:
    Would love to see :smile:
  15. I purchased the Marcie satchel in the Oak color and the matching wallet. They are fabulous! Its such a beautiful, earthy fall color; I can't wait for cooler weather so that I can carry them! I'll try to post pics this weekend.:biggrin: