how is your light coloured stam holding up?

  1. hiya all. can i ask if anyone can share as to how their light coloured stams are holding up? (cream, ivory, putty, etc) i am thinking of getting one but am too scared of it turning too dirty too fast. thank youuu...!
  2. I had the cashew color Stam hobo. Sent it back after a month: wear of the leather on the bottom of the bag. That's obscene for a $1200 bag! I can only imagine how much of a beating the white/cream colors would take! As far as showing dirt, hard to say after a month, but I'm more disturbed about the quality of the leather. You can always clean a dirty bag.....
  3. My putty stam is still holding up very good :smile:. No dirt. It's pretty easy to clean minor dirt though. You shouldn't worry too much. However, you do need to be a little extra careful where you put your bag. I try not to put the bag on the floor for whatever reason, even if there's no hook in public bathroom :nuts:. Sorry, TMI.
  4. thank you ladies for your input. i am thinking of getting an ivory 05 stam (one with burgundy suede lining and brass/antiqued hardware). i heard about your ordeal prada psycho, i must say that it made me nervous as this will be my FIRST MJ. Chloe-Clementine i will have to ask for more advise about cleaning light coloured stams. i was originally looking for the putty but gave up after awhile as i could not find one. i am still not sure about this ivory 05 right now... i really like though... and i heard some delights from those who bought them... argh... must ... make ... decision ... (is it true that the antiqued/brass hardware is only available from the fall/winter 05 season? resort 05 and summer/spring 06 has light shinny gold ones?)