How is your Dentelle wallet holding up?

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  1. Just wondering whether the Dentelle wallet gold/silver threads are still in good shape with everyday handling and friction with other items in your long have you been using it and still looks lovely??
  2. Mine's doing fine here are some pics I've taken the top edge of the flap you open and close to get into it, the back of eth purse and then a pic from above looking down so you can see any bits sticking out.

    I've had it since release and used it everyday I think it still looks perfect, I've mostly used it in a speedy 25 and the zipper is not much bigger than the purse so it is not uncommon for it to rub as I take it out for my bag but I don't think this have effected it all
    Dentelle how3.jpg Dentelle how2.jpg Dentelle how4.jpg Dentelle how1.jpg
  3. ah mine is doing a bit bad. The top of the wallet is fraying a bit of the gold thread. i'll post pics soon.
  4. Thank you so much Label Addict for the info and taking time out to show your pictures!!:P
  5. Thanks very much Viv for your input, look forward to seeing your pics!!:yes:
  6. I only used once:sad:
  7. Are you worried about the threads getting loose so you're not using it:confused1: