How is your day going ?

  1. Just thought i'd post an off bag/purse topic and see how everyone is doing.
    I'm rather bummed, just feeling rather :sad: today.I've managed to get some house work done, dishes and laundry and i've just started dinner. Managed to pay some bills online, watch some soaps but my mind is just going :upsidedown:
    I dont know if i'm just missng my honey or what....

    How is everyone else doing ?
  2. Today has been ok, nothing special.

    I'm packing to go on holiday up north tomorrow, and I'm really not looking forward to it (if it was a holiday abroad I would be like this :yahoo: ) but English holidays at home drive me nuts!

    Meanwhile I've also trying to figure out my feelings for someone and I just don't know if I like him like that, or not? My mind is changing every 5 minutes and even the music I'm listening to seems to change my opinion. Its just so complicated I dont think I'll ever figure it out so I dont know why I'm even trying to. I think I left it too late anyway.
  3. Awful! I found out I didn't get a job I really wanted.

    Back to the drawing board.
  4. The day is going waaaaaay too slow. For some reason, half of the office decided to take the day off, so it's so dead here. I'm falling asleep and I don't feel like working :sad:
  5. So glad it's Friday! I'm at work (and not working right now, ha ha). Had a meeting with our HR director and my manager. I'll spare you the details, but it just seals in the fact I need to get outta here and find another job.
  6. I'm sorry about the job elongreach. I'm sure you will find a perfect job for you soon :flowers:
  7. work was slow today, but home now and the weekend can start! looking forward to a weekend getaway with the BF, then our vacation starts next week and we're off to boston!
  8. I just did some clothes shopping for myself and got a kicking pair of Paige that made my day....
  9. Thank you! You don't know how much better that makes me feel.:smile:
  10. Sorry to hear that, elong! :sad: Best of luck in your search :smile:

    My day is finally better now that I'm home from work, in PJs, and about to open a bottle of wine. Hell yeah.
  11. I hope you have a good trip :smile:
  12. Awww, sorry to hear. I wish you the best in your search.
  13. that would explain you being on tpf :smile:
  14. For me my day has been AWFUL work wise... and the people coying our site just sent me over the edge...

    BUTTTTT Vlad and I will see eachother in about 30 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo:
  15. Sorry to hear, I hope you have a good weekend.