How Is Your Closet Organized?

  1. :crybaby: My closet is so crazy right now. So how is your closet arranged? Where are your jeans, dresses, tops, etc.?
    Do you have a place for everything? What's in your drawers? I need ideas. Help!!
  2. I put my dresses, handbags, and jackets in the closet. I put shirts, tank tops, jeans, and shoes on this book shelf I got from Ikea. It looks like a clothing shelf. It's actually not the best arrangement cause I would love to have an amoir but no space :sad: . It's easy access and it works for now at least.
  3. I fold up jeans and keep them in the drawer. Everything else is hanging up, by colour (then gradation of colour within the "colour" sets)... That way I never need to look for anything because I know where it will be.:shame: It saves so much time and that way it's easier to pick out co-ordinating colours!!
  4. I hang everything in accordance to how often I wear it, but combined with different items.
    I wear jackets the most often so I have those in the front, then vests, then shirts that I hang up, etc. I also read somewhere that rolling your jeans decreases wrinkles *shurgs* so I put them on a shelf above my hanging closet items.
  5. Right now my main closet is a walk-in but it's an older style with only one hanging rack around all 3 walls and one shelf parallel above that. Big makeover opportunity!

    I keep my current things in there such as slacks, jeans, blouses, sweaters, workout gear, shoes and my coats, cocktail and hockey wear in other closets in my townhouse.
  6. clothes are either hung or in the drawers. same goes with jeans and dress pants. my bags are in a little mini shelf inside my closet. ah! i really wish i had a walk-in closet. it would make my life so much easier.
  7. Handbags go on on shelf, jeans are folded on another shelf, I have a little basket for bras and socks and undies and tops and dresses are hung up.
  8. Everything hangs by color and catagorie. Shoes on top and bottom.
  9. I put older clothes in the drawers. My newer clothes hang in the closet. I have them hanging up so it shirts, then jeans, then capris, then jackets and belts. would love to have a walk-in or just a bigger closet so that I can hang everything up.
  10. ok i hang up everything i can but my jeans which are folded on this shelf on the bottom of my closet and all of my shirts and everything else i hang and do it by color and by either tank top, dressy, long sleeve, short sleever all of my blue tanks are seperate from my blue long sleeves and blue short sleeves....i am weird!!!! but it works and i can always find my clothes!!
  11. I am about to make my 2nd bedroom a wardrobe closet/office. (it is currently just an office) I found these 2 great wardrobe closets that are wrought iron and white canvas. In one I will hang all tops and jackets and in the other bottoms and dresses. My closet in the bedroom I sleep in will become my purse closet. I hang my clothes by color blocks; light to dark (its the makeup artist in me) then tops short sleeve to long and bottoms shorts (bermuda) to jeans, skirts then dresses. Tanks and casual tees are in drawers.
  12. All of my shoes are in boxes all the way around the top of my closet. I have four shelves on the left: the bottom shelf is jeans, above that are sweaters (brown, beige, green, etc), above that are more sweaters (grey, pink, black, etc.). The rest of my clothes are hanging. Dresses hang on the far right. All of the tops are organized by sleeve length and then by color. Dress pants and skirts are to the left of the tops. I have two dressers in the closet that are for pajamas, sweats, underwear and bras.
  13. I arrange by sleeve length (tanks, short sleeve, then long sleeve) and by color (whites first, heading down the rainbow spectrum to black). Skirts and pants on a separate rack, also by color. Jeans in drawers. Shoes and purses on their own shelves.

    Some pics of my messy closet (organized but still a bit sloppy). We converted the previous owner's nursery into our clothing storage room (so sad what our priorities are):

  14. I want shelving for my shoes like this :yes: , I also arrange my tops by sleeve, and then pants by type and length, same with skirts. I've never arranged by color :idea: maybe this is something I should think about. All my shoes are in shoe racks that hang on the door, I have a few pairs of boots on the closet floor. I keep all my jeans folded and in the bottom of my dresser (the drawer is pretty deep) I have shelves on my walls that I keep all my handbags on. Oh and I keep all my suits in one area of my closet.
  15. I do the same thing - except I seperate my work and weekend wear. I have dogs so I would wreck my work clothes pretty quickly if I tried to wear them during my normal weekend routines.