How is your Caroline holding up?

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  1. I recently bought a gathered Caroline off of bay, carried it for the first time today, but I am very paranoid about the hardware scratches etc. For those of you who own it, is it a very delicate bag? I do not baby my bags but I am not rough on them either, I won't use it for too long before switching... But I still anxious about getting it ruined. How is your Caroline holding up? Would like to hear from you all....did your hardware scratch up? In case something happens will coach be still able to repair it since I bought it from eBay?
  2. no one :sad:
  3. I love my carolines but i've noticed a lot of scratching on the dowels from the rings on the handles clanking into them, only from slight usage.
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    Here are a few pics, kind of hard to capture fully.


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  5. Thai's the pictures are helpful, I did notice quite a bit of scratching after a days use. Does this bother you? Are you worried about it getting worse?
  6. I'm glad the pics help. Yeah, I'm hoping it doesn't scratch through the surface and expose the silver or something. It would ruin the bag entirely for me. I stopped using it for a while because I'm afraid.
  7. Thank you Galaxygrrl , I did do a search but couldn't find the thread . Thanks again!