How is your black birkin?

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  1. #1 Oct 10, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2010
    Summer last year, I bought 35 clemence black birkin and I didn't have much chance to carry it. Maybe I was babying? my dream bag too much. I guess I carried it total of less than 10 times and rest of the time, this dream bag of mine was resting in orange box. Today, I have decided to carry and noticed there was 1 inch long linear bonding area at the handle peeled off ( black paint like bonded area along the handle stiched area ) when I looked closely to other areas I have noted on both handle and the corner of the cover (also two leather bonding area --extra thick black painted like area) also is peeling off showing somewhat beige/whitish raw leather color. Because the bag is black, peeled off area shows off more distinctively and more accentuated since paint-like bonded area peels off to show bare beige color. Did anyone with black birkin had this kind of problems? Can near-by Hermes store fix this? ( I guess had to re-touch / paint) Any advice? TIA.
  2. Best thing to do is to take it to Hermes and see if they can fix it for you. I hope it all works out!
  3. I agree, take it to Hermès as soon as possible :yes:.
    Good luck!
  4. Sounds like the wax needs a minor repair -- the local craftsman can do it.
  5. Yes, sounds like the resin you're describing. Should be an easy, minor repair.

    Good luck!
  6. happened to my gold birkin. just a quick stop by the store and the craftsman will paint on a fresh coat of resin for you.
  7. Ditto & good luck.
  8. The question is, isn't Birkin supposed to be very well made? 1 year and already peeling doesn't sound right to me...
  9. i have the same problem with my belt resin and handle resin coming off as well... i am not particularly bothered by it. but i do have the same question as djmm
  10. I think if u dun use leather for a long time, such things happen.
    Infact, an ex H assistant once told me to use it as much as possible for the leather to produce a 'sheen' from natural oils! So now i dun really baby my Bs.. Hee.
  11. Are you in a humid climate area? I got my White B from Hawaii, and it arrived with some resin peeling already! I'm sending her off to be fixed soon since summer is over.
  12. I had the same problem with my ebene clemence birkin after only six months and it had to be sent to Paris for repair. After three months it was back, but still had issues so it was sent back to Paris yet again. I have it back now and it's perfect (I suspect they replaced the handles) but what a pain - the shop had it more than I did in the past year.

    Am I happy with my birkin? Absolutely. Do I think it's acceptable for a bag of this quality to have these issues (and time frames)? Absolutely not - but I still continue to be a h-fan although perhaps a bit muted.
  13. Take it in yes but it's not to be taken lightly my blue Jean of course it was a totally different problem as the leather was having a resistance or was rejecting the resin. but keep an eye on it, I baby all my bags so just be cautious in my case it was so bad hermes replaced the bag . And it all started on the handles these were fixed in new York and 15 days later the handles were worse and the entire bag was hurt every single part with resin on it was having problems.
  14. Thank you everyone !!! for reply. It helps me alot. I will take my birkin to hermes ASAP where I bought it to be fixed. I did not realized some of us has that "resin" problem.
    I am slightly disappointed since so called "well made" hermes bag has this problems but I guess nobody/nothing is perfect.
  15. Makes me wonder if the quality of the workmanship has slipped by the frequency that this problem has occcured in the bags. One would expect perfection for paying such a high price.