How is View Swift leather for Birkin 35? Does it age well?

  1. I had my eye on a Togo or an Epson Birking for a while but I found it almost impossible to get in Graphite color I want. While I was on vacation in Hawaii, I came across Birkin 35cm in 'View Swift' leather in Ardois (grayish) color.

    My DH husband told me it was beautiful and bought it for me. I am just having doubts that it will age fast and scratch.... Does anyone out there have 'Swift' leather and how do you like it? How does it wear after years of use??? Do you do anything special to protect it?

    Thanks again for all your help:girlsigh:
  2. Woopsie......just responded in the Hermes Shopping section!
  3. :smile:.

    Its my first time posting so I wasn't sure where/how to post... sorry for the duplication and thanks again~