How Is Tory Burch leather bag quality?

Sep 30, 2008
Boulder, Colorado
Hi, I posted a thread in the general bag forum trying to decide between two bags. One is TB. I didnt even realize there was a TB forum! I have never purchased anything from TB and would have to drive (ahem, get a ride lol) almost 4 hours away to find a store that has TB bags. So how do their leather bags hold up? I have a leather Dooney and Bourke bag and a patent leather coach bag, both that Im very happy with the quality. This will be a grad gift from my BF and dont want him wasting $ on a bag that will fall apart.

This is the bag BTW

TB Amanda leather hobo in Black


Dec 19, 2008
Ahh I love this purse! I've seen it in person and am considering getting it myself. Leather quality is great, but keep in mind that all of TB's purses are made in China... though that doesn't mean the quality is bad and a LOT of handbags are manufactured in China nowadays anyway :thinking:


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Mar 23, 2008
I wouldn't say the leather quality is bad by any means, but I do know a little about this bag's structure. My mom ordered one and returned it bc it has a LOT of weight on top half of the bag (with the heavy logo and the handles), so we found that it lost all of it's shape once you removed the stuffing. Some people don't mind that, but it just fell all over itself and I just don't like that look at all. HTH!


Apr 5, 2009
I actually just fell in love with this bag today when I ran into nordies to return a wallet. I only have one TB bag it's one of the logo clutches with a chain which is the same kind of pebbled leather and it looks good as the first day as I got it. But in all honesty I don't use clutches very much but it held up when I ran around vegas for a week. I half want this bag and half want the amanda mini. I really liked how the leather felt and when I tried it on crossbody it hugged my body. I also love the feet on the bottom I have a thing for feet on bags lol. The only thing I'm not sure about is how well the crossbody strap will hold up since the way you adjust the length is the kind where it has holes in the strap and you have to punch the leather threw a metal ball. That style of adjustable straps always irk me because I feel like over time it will eventually tear threw the hole esp if you carry a lot. And I would most likely carry it crossbody more often than not.

I don't know if the store nearby you that you'd be going too to buy it is a nordies but I will say that nordies stands behind their products if you had a QC problem you could return it for a full refund with out a hassle. They have really great customer service.


Apr 5, 2009
I couldn't get this bag out of my mind I went back to nordies and bought it. After I use it a bit I'll come back and give you a review on how it wears.


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Feb 15, 2012
What doe most matters for the people is style and they dont see the quality but i always suggest that quality should be better than style.It is really important to know this thing whether it is for Leather bags or any thing else.


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Feb 23, 2012
I would get the robinson satchel instead. I had a mini version of this hobo in a dome satchel version. It sagged completely. But the robinson satchel is awesome- especially in cobalt blue!