How is too much monogram?

  1. Monogram heaven or hell?

    Recently I decided to sell my BV, because in monogram, I have a Manhattan GM, as a large everyday bag, a sophie for a small tons of accessories and Cabas Alto, Alma Voyage, Evasion, keepall 55, and pegase 60 for large bags/travel...and I have been eyeing the lockit, the stephen and the I was feeling a bit monogram overwhelmed.

    But this weekend I caught up on alot of people's showcases and each time I saw a photo with all the beautiful monogram laid out I was like :nuts: .

    What is too much monogram?

    How many monogram pieces do you have
  2. You´re not using them all at once so I don´t think there can be too much mono. Now, all I have in mono are the Koala agenda, bucket pouch and Luco.
  3. I don't think I could ever have enough of the I said in another post this morning, I am not a huge fan of the Damier or Azur collections - but monogram, bring 'em on!!
  4. Not like you're using the same purse everyday and Monogram comes in all different sizes and shapes. It's no different if you own 100 pair of shoes or a 100 different leather handbags. Would you say you had too many leather products?
  5. My entire collection is monogram. I have 6 bags and 4 accessories. I hate it, but I can't part with a couple of these just yet (a couple of these were my favorites when I decided to break up my "larger" collection, and a few I just got recently). I'm thinking that somewhere down the line, I might switch my mono pap to the damier pap, and the petit noe with a black epi. And the petit bucket with a marais.

    The problem with me, though, is that there are so many shapes in the mono line that I love over the other lines. I tend to find a lot of the things in the damier line too big or mostly handheld, and a lot of the epi lines have shapes that I'm not that attracted to. I think I'm going to start off small and get a couple pochettes and cles from these and I'll see what goes on from there...

    Also, I have some reservations about some other lines that I'm not familiar with, esp. the discontinued mini monogram. I keep coming here to read the pros and cons, and I hope I can get a Josephine (eventually). And I'm not a big fan of the MC line at all...
  6. There's so much of a choice for bag shapes in mono!
  7. I adore monogram, there's never too much monogram for me! And I usually carry a large bag so I use at least three pieces at the same time, the bag, the pochette clipped inside (mostly as a makeup bag) and the pochette cles as a small wallet and keyring...I love love love all mono pieces
  8. Well, you are only carrying one bag at a time, right? :p
    So there is no such thing as too much monogram.
  9. Monogram is so beautiful. I really don't think that you could have too much of it.
  10. it's never too much.
  11. Agreed! :smile:
  12. I have 3 and I feel right now Monogram takes over my collection. For me it's just a balance and I want to diversify because I love Louis, but then I see pictures of people's Lockit Horizontal and I'm dying for an older Marelle PM.

    :heart: the Monogram
  13. Just the other day I decided to get rid of all my mono pieces (the only ones I am keeping are Oskar Waltz and Petit Noe). Personally, I've outgrown monogram.:shame: (Just stating MY feeling so please don't throw rocks at me!!!:push:smile:
  14. ^^ita with john 5 too!
  15. I don't think you can have too much mono and unfortunately, I can break down my need for more like so...well, i need one or two shoulder and one or two hand held and then some have to be casual, and some have to be more dressy, and i gotta get a tote for work and then some smaller cute bags for evenings get the picture.....:p