how is this possible?!

  1. Hello everyone,

    I've been a lurker on this forum; not being in a position to snag a Birkin myself, I've been living vicariously through all of you! Anyway, I spotted something at a high-end consignment store today that I just had to run by I've been curious about this place in the town where I work but haven't actually gone in and looked around until today. When I got to their accessories section, I was stunned to see that they had about four or five Birkins for no more than $1,800 each! How is this possible? Most were stamped J or I, if I recall correctly, and had their accessories unceremoniously stuffed inside. No boxes. I know people tend to be wary when Birkins are priced this low on eBay, so I was very surprised at these prices. Too good to be true? Don't consignment stores thoroughly check this stuff out though? Please advise - I'm tempted to go for at least one of these bags!
  2. NO NO NO

    I am not an expert but I did buy a real birkin (J stamp) from H directly and it costed way more than 1800.00. You can't even buy a wallet with that. Don't do it.
  3. Authentic? Not possible. Simple as that.
  4. An upscale consignment store in Charlotte sells fake LV luggage for $400. Which is beyond retarded, especially since they sell it right alongside the real stuff. Point: not possible, and I still wonder how the hell people get off selling fakes at $2,000 a pop o_o
  5. The upscale consignment shop near me in the upscale neighborhood also had fakes...the real bad ones with Hermes Paris stamped on them...ick:yucky:

    Stay away!!!!
  6. i've always wondered about that!

    consignment stores, how can the sales people tell what is real or not, should they have some sort of training?

    i've been to some as well as second hand good stores and they sell fakes! but there is one i shop with the most...meaning i actually buy something from there and at least they lady is smart enough and honest enough to tell you which are fakes and which are real
  7. I often think it would be wild to walk in a consignment shop and stuble across a Kelly or Birkin and the shop owner not have a clue what they have. Or, how about some older gentleman walking in the shop to sell his wives lovely bags and he just doesn't have a clue about them. I is a dream, but I am sure it has happened.
  8. OH noo....! Don't go near those bags!

    Your average sales person at consignment stores would not know how to recognise an authentic item or a fake - from any brand. There's no training. And at the end of the day, they don't care - they're just peddling whatever they can. It's BUYER BEWARE at these places.

    The absolute, standout exception to this is Luxury-Shops - they are members of this forum and specialise in luxury goods. The proprietors USE Hermes and other brand names themselves, so they have the same expectations and standards as the best clients of these labels. They also have superior product knowledge because they have owned these brands themselves for a long time. This, to me, is critical - that the seller loves the brand as much as their customers and is an expert, based on real experience. Very reassuring - and that's why I've been buying from Luxury-Shops for years. :smile:
  9. 100% - stay away! If the price is too good to be true - it is. I know consignment shops that sell authentic Hermes bags for retail and above prices on pre owns. Especially on Birkins.

    RUN - no way the salesperson knows/
  10. It happens lots more than you'd think. I was consulted to help a man decide what to do with his mom's antique silver. I set up an appointment, went into the house with him, and the silver was truly dreadful. On my way out the door, I see a group of items beside the front door with price tags on them. He said they were helping get things ready for the estate sale. There were a dozen Hermes bags, a half-dozen Judith Leibers, a couple dozen H, Tiffany, and Judith Leiber belts, and the best part: a perfume bottle designed by Dali and made by Baccarat to celebrate the end of WWII. Only 2000 were ever made. Nothing was priced at more than $10.

    I performed CPR on myself, then I fixed THAT little problem for him. He was stunned when the person I sent him to got him a young fortune for his mom's "castoffs." The estate sale planner won't get another high-end estate in this region again.
  11. ^^^
    I'm having a heart attack just reading that.
  12. :wtf::wtf::wtf:
    The guy was lucky that you were sent to him! What a blessing you were!:heart:
  13. Oh, I do try. :angel:

    He nearly killed me though, when he offered to let me buy the whole lot of stuff on the floor for $200.00. If only my conscience wouldn't have gotten in my way. Dratted conscience!!

    For real, though, I don't like seeing people cheated, and I think this estate sale planner was purposely cheating him.
  14. ^^^^Oh, gga, why do you have to be so nice!!! Next time you decide to be nice, please call me!!!!!!:p
  15. Lol! You are a good person. You'll have loads of fantastic karma coming your way!:yes: I, on the other hand, may have relieved him of some of the H bags. My conscience will eventually catch up with me and it will turn me into Golem..... "Yesssss, my Preciousssssss", all huddled over dem bags in a corner in my room...