How is this possible?

  1. I wonder if they could've ordered it from

    I'm not good at spotting fakes so I can't tell if it's a fake or not. everything looks good but I've never seen that style yet. Is it out on a catalog?
  2. Maybe the seller works at Coach? It's still not allowed, but technically she/he COULD have gotten it when the shipments came in. (Like, for my store, I know the shipment came in yesterday but they can't put it out until Friday.)
  3. It's on page 12-13 in the online catalog.

    I've been out of the Coach loop for a couple of years. I'm wondering if, when an item isn't in stores yet or has just been released, the ending price on eBay is sky high. I'm thinking that's why the seller is already selling it. The seller has a reserve price and a Buy It Now price of $465. The current bid is $230.50. It retails for $358.
  4. Goodness it's beautiiiful! :love: Hmm I've seen that happen a couple of other times on ebay with bags that haven't been released yet.. I'm guessing it maybe someone who gets Coach wholesale and is selling it on ebay before he/she can sell it in stores?
  5. It happens all the time....sometimes I think they are fake because I haven't seen them before and then they come out a month later.
  6. A lot of people don't know this, but you are allowed to order anything in the catalog whether or not it's been released to the stores yet. There is also the BIG RED BOOK at most stores that shows limited release items, and some items that might not make it to certain stores which you can order from as well.

    Just because it says in the catalog 'coming in august' or something to that effect doesn't mean you can't get it. Keep that in mind ;)
  7. I have a question, if let's say I loved something form the catalog and ordered it, but did not like it in person can I change my mind or am I stuck?

    as far as this stachel, I am impatiently waiting for the black but now I do not like it ... it looks better in the catalog
  8. Nina : You can simply return the item just like anything else -if you dont like it.

    That bag is gorgeous!!!!
  9. You can pre-order any bag from the catalog & they will ship it to you before it even hits store shelves or their website. That bag is so gorgeous now I can see it from every angle.
  10. Well, it's def. real---and gorgeous, too.
  11. You can preorder many Coach items, just ask the SA to see if they have it at the warehouse. I believe that the bag is real, and it is very nice looking, by the way.
  12. I know that sometimes the department stores will put out the new bags the moment they get them, while the COach store can't put them out until x date, but if you ask they will show you it and sell it to you.

    So if it's being released in the near future it may have gone the department store route.
  13. I just came home from Nordstrom and they have this bag on their shelves as well as some other bags from this line. I saw them in brown and black.