How Is This Possible?

  1. I've seen on tv that some of the companies that do the actual manufacturing of designer handbags do the same bag, with all the fine qualities of the designer bag, without the designer logo and sell it for far less than the price of the bag with the logo. You miss out on the prestige of having the designer's name, but you have the same beautiful bag. How is it possible that a company such as this xxxxxxxxx has bags with the Chanel name and logo? I'm not well versed in recognizing designer logos, so I'm just guessing they look authentic. I know it's not "authentic". I'm not questioning authenticity, I just want to know how they use the name and logo.
  2. please do not post a link to that website again.
  3. OK, but that doesn't answer the question. They're not the only website like that. How can these companies have a designer's name and logo, even though they are saying that it is not a licensed item. I've heard of making a like-label, such as doing the Chanel C's top and bottom instead of side by side, or spelling it Channel, but how can they put the logo on and do business in the states?
  4. How do they use the name and logo? Illegally and immorally IMO.

    "with all the fine qualities of the designer bag, without the designer logo" Well, I suppose if a company makes bags with such fine qualities, those bags would stand on their own merits and sell well...why try and make a living by mimicking another designer?

    Btw, I'm not at all interested in fakes.
  5. well, I think Wilson's leather does work for other companies, and this is only surmising from being in the stores where they sell these other brands alongside Wilson's, and comparing the fit of things like gloves etc. Not Louis Vuitton, necessarily, but I haves seen Guess and Kenneth Cole in that store, and as I've said, the gloves in Kenneth Cole and Wilsons are very similar. I think a lot of companies sell cheaper versions of designer goods, but they don't advertise like "Channel". Truthbetold, I think those specific examples are probably fakes, but I'm no expert.