how is this legal?

  1. does anyone know how some companies (who shall remain nameless) sell fake items, but claim that they are authentic? they even have ppl to call, like elux does, for questions/assurance. over the summer i ordered a bag and wallet from one company b/c i wanted to see for myself. the second i opened the box i knew it was fake b/c i could smell the difference. appearance-wise, close to real. someone who never owned a real lv might not know (and these bags weren't cheap, but they were cheaper than au lv). SO... my question is, HOW CAN THEY LEGALLY DO THIS? the company i bought from is now claiming replicas, not au, but there is another one claiming au, when they are selling fakes.
  2. I can't imagine that it is legal...I think it's just a matter of slipping under the radar. Pisses me off though!
  3. Short answer: they can't legally do it, what they're doing is completely, 100% illegal.
  4. there just so many companies that do this which makes it hard for authorities to crack down.
  5. is there any way to report it? maybe with a little extra help, we could help shut down the illegal activity. Just a thought.
  6. i called my local lv store and reported the company that i bought the things from. they took note of it and thanked me for the call. shrtly thereafter, the company was gone, then re-emerged selling replicas. i'm sure that i was not the reason, but maybe if ppl call, then it helps? i'm just amazed that a company could exist doing this. i know individuals do it, but to be so brazen as have an online company???
  7. do u mean fake bag with actual LV logo or bags that are real similar to LV but dont have the LV logo?

    either way, i thnk its wrong.
  8. I don´t comprehend how websites get to sell "LV" when the only online store that actually sells LV is Elux. Shouldn´t there be a tighter grip on these things?
  9. Yes it's sad that lv don't do anything. I think that the privacy internet law protect these websites.
  10. I have often wondered the same thing.
  11. fake bags, logos and all, claiming to be au. also, they charge hundreds of dollars for these fakes, so someone who doesn't know lv may think they are getting an 'outlet' lv.
  12. what's the website?

    from their site:

    We guarantee all of our merchandise to be brand new and 100% authentic or your money back.
    Through strong partnerships, bulk purchases, and special promotions, we have teamed up with some of today's top distributors of top selling, brand name products to give you the best selection of products at the very best prices on the internet. We import our handbags directly from Italy, France, and other European countries. Each and every product is upheld to the highest standards, thereby ensuring excellent quality for each purchase. All bags will come with its designer dust cover. If you have any additonal questions regarding authenticity please email us at or call 800-915-3187.

    the one i used was: bergacci. they now claim 'replicas' , not au
  14. damn
  15. Oh That's awful. People who don't know enough about LV will absolutely fall for this BS!