how is the sizing for Balenciaga?

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  1. thanks
    • in-line w/Louboutin (VP, NP, LC)
    • 1/2 size smaller than Dior (Lady Dior Pump, Jasmine Sandal)
    • 1/2 size smaller than YSL (Tribute Sandals)
  2. I would agree with lvpiggy, definitely at least 1/2 size smaller than YSL open-toe sandals, like the Tributes for the following reason:
    What I find with them is that their open-toe shoes, where the toe box is curved, a lot of people's little toes fall over the shoe, so I'd go for 1/2 a size up. Hope that helps.
  3. ITA - 1/2 a size samller than I normally take.
  4. i only got one pair of runs TTS. i am a JC girl.
  5. not sure on other styles but all the gladiator sandals ran 1/2 smaller
  6. i concur, sizing is ~same as Choo (^(oo)^)
  7. I find the sizing varies quite a bit. My Bals range from 37 to 38.5, and I'm a 37.5 in YSL Tribtoos. In general I would say Balenciaga runs narrow but true to size in length.