How is the quality of Marc by MJ bags (in general)? Are they comparable to Botkier?

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  1. :smile:
  2. I love my Marc by Marc Jacobs bags, especially the Danielle; the leather is tdf. I can´t compare to Botkier because I don´t have any sory.
  3. I don't have a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag because they just look so cheap to me. Maybe not the leather so much as the design, yikes! I wouldn't spend $50.00 on those regular Marc Jacobs is quite nice and has held up well but is slowly getting dirty (sad face) from too much use! Botkier leather is AMAZING but again, you have to take care of it! I would suggest Botkier because I think the quality and style is so much nicer than Marc by Marc Jacobs.
  4. i like marcbymarc bags. they do have some nice ones. i have one that is leather and its nice and soft :smile: i dont have botkier so i cant compare them.
  5. imo the quality is superb! dont have botkier so i can't compare with that but overall, very good quality.

    my cousin mentioned that he didnt see a single uneven stitch on one of my bags =) that is pretty good!
  6. I have the mbymj teri turnlock, mbymj softy carryall, and a botkier bianca...

    I love them all, I would have to say that the leather on the teri is very much like the bianca...very soft. As far as quality goes, I would say they are equal. The one difference is the mbymj's have cotton lining and the botkier has suede.;)
  7. MJs are much better in quality than Botkier IME, my only complaint of MJs is that they're so darn heavy with all the hardwares:smile:
  8. :shame: Marc by marc jacobs...not marc jacobs:P
  9. I own LVs, Fendi, and regular MJ bags and don't feel that the MBMJ line looks cheap in the slightest bit. The leather is soft, sturdy, and durable!!!:P
  10. Marc by Marc Jacobs bags are so cute! The leather is really soft and they all look great plus they're affordable. :smile:
  11. ITA!