How is the quality of Kenneth Cole wallets? I saw one tonight that I liked a lot

  1. That's a cute wallet. I own a KC wallet in nylon material and I've been using it for the past 3 1/2 years and I still love it.
  2. they're pretty good LV, but, pretty good :smile: I always seem to ind cute bags/wallets of theirs at TJ Maxx, which is where my KC collection comes from...the quality's good, but, for the orig. price they normally ask for, to me, it's just not normally worth it, I'd rather save it for a bag :smile:
  3. I saw that in the store. I like it and think some of their items were on sale but I didn't look at the wallets. The leather wasn't bad either!
  4. I bought a kenneth cole wallet once on sale at macys and it was complete sh-t. The wallet didn't keep its shape (it was one of those french purse/wallets) and wouldn't fold properly after a while.. the color also rubbed off (it was a teal). I would not recommend it- spend a little more and get one that you will keep for a while.
  5. I have a few KC wallets, and the leather is pretty good, but I tend to buy it on sale or only when it's a really unique shape/design. If you can find a good value for a KC item, great (ie. from the outlet, or on sale). Otherwise, their products are getting pricier as they try to rebrand themselves as more of a luxury line, and it may not be worth the $$.