How is the quality of Coach watches?

  1. With all the stories about issues with tarnishing silver, gold rubbing off jewelry etc. does the same go for coach watches?
  2. Coach watches are of extremely high quality. They are made by Movado and come with a two year warranty. I own two myself. I saw one lady who had one that was 11 years old or so and it still looked brand new.
  3. Thank You Rapunzel. :smile:
  4. I had a coach watch for a short period of time but never wore it because it didn't fit... anyways.. I loved it and it was very nice.. made by movado. I will buy another someday :smile:
  5. OOH Made by movado??? Thats awesome! I have my movado for 2 years now and it works and looks excellent! Thats great news!
  6. Yes, and if your outlet mall has a Movado outlet, they will have Coach watches there! The one in Vacaville has a lot of Coach watches.
  7. I bought my Coach watch at T.J. Maxx last summer. I got it for $239 and it's MSRP was $458. Yes, they are made by Movado and mine still looks brand new and I wear it constantly. I recently had the battery changed, that's all the work it's needed. It has not tarnished and the silver has not worn off. HTH!
  8. I own three of them, and I love them! No tarnishing, scratching, or anything else to speak of. It's like owning a Movado... but for a lot less!
  9. I've had one for about a year now and it still looks brand new.
  10. I have two Coach watches and highly recommend them. The quality is on par with Movado and the bands last forever.

    I have one I bought in 2001 and it definitely holds up better than a Timex from Target. The only thing I've had to change was the battery.
  11. I have several coach watches which I wear all the time. I only get the silvertone ones since my rings and other jewelry I wear are WG. I have not had a single problem. The watches hold up great but the leather bands do show some wear but that would be normal with any leather band.
  12. Good thread..I was wondering about the Coach watches myself. I think I will look seriously at them when I hit the Vegas outlet(s) next month! :yes:
  13. Yup, Coach watches are great! I have one from the boutique from several years ago that is still perfect, and I got one at the Movado outlet in Florida this past summer (really great prices on Coach watches there!!), and its awesome too. I highly recommend them.
  14. I have one that will be two years old this Dec., I have wore it almost every day with NO throuble at all.... I love it and it still looks new. This is one of the best things I have bought from Coach... HONESTLY!!!