How is the quality of Coach Suede???

  1. I have never own a coach suede bag & I like this coach bag. >>>eBay: $358 AUTH COACH SUEDE SIGNATURE BEADED TOTE ESPRESSO (item 170045464295 end time Nov-12-06 20:15:00 PST)

    But the problem is that it's made out of suede. At least, the color is very dark. Do you think it will be a problem for dark suede. If I am going to use it as an everyday bag...can stains show in dark color suede? or can the coach suede cleaner going to scrub off those stuff.
  2. I don't really believe the suede cleaner is going to help alot. I would try appleguard on it.

    Trachena is a reliable seller.

    Really nice bag!
  3. Oh, I am not buying that bag from trachena as she doesn't ship to Canada!
  4. ^^I agree with the above. I LOVE the beaded line! And that tote is TDF!!
  5. I have a couple of Coach suede bags. I don't love the Coach Suede kit, but I sprayed them one of them with Nordstrom's suede protectant and the other with Applegarde and haven't really had any major issues w/regard to staining/dirt. I do rotate my bags, and I generally try to not wear the suede on rainy days, but so far, so good!
  6. I own the suede bead tote in flint from last year. I spray it with ugg spray frequently and use it alot. I have never had stains mine looks brand new.
  7. It's good to know that the suede bead tote hold up well. :smile: I put one on hold & can't wait to get it!
  8. hmm.. they gave me the suede cleaner doesnt work at all.=.=
  9. I have two in dark brown suede. They have held up great! :yes:
  10. spray this bag b/c you can't really clean it, otherwise the C's will rub off, since it's stamped and the material is suede...
  11. ^^I agree, if you do use the cleaning tools you can't press hard. Just erase very lightly and brush the same way. Treat it like an egg, press too hard and you will break it.
  12. Ms-whitney.....Hi, I don't understand why the C will rub off?! :confused1: That bag seems to be too delicate for me to own now. Thanks!
  13. ^^ The suede kit rubs at the suede, almost like rubbing at the topmost layer of the suede to remove dirt. being that it is stamped, pressure in rubbing would cause it to remove the stamping as it is the topmost layer.
  14. I have a green suede wristlet and I think it is holding up very well.

  15. I'm happy to hear this as I just bought a new coach suede bag, and want to spray it w/ some sort of protectant. I was thinking of my ugg spray , ans was wondering if anyone has used it on a suede bag.