How is the LAMBSKIN leather on your Cloudy Bundle Totes holding up?

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  1. I saw and fiddled with the most gorgeous cloudy bundle tote yesterday. :love: The leather was made of immaculate lambskin and I can't believe i've never noticed this bag before. I have never touched anything so soft!

    I really really want this bag but am wondering, for those who own it, is it very fragile? Does the leather have marks etc. on it? I know lambskin is very high maintenance so i don't know if it's such a good option for an everyday bag. I would be buying this bag in the dusty pink/coral colour.

    Also can someone show me pics of the tote with the drawstring relaxed, so it looks more like a wide tote than a barrel?

    Here is sophia's tote if you're not familiar with the style:

    Thanks so much! :heart::heart:
  2. Isn't it amazing!?!?!!?
    I think it's Golden's favorite bag from her bazillion Chanel collection.
    I tried one on and liked the drawstring as a detail, but I would move it where I wanted and never use it again, I tried it on w/ it pretty open, not tightened/cinched at all really.
  3. swanky it is SOOOO amazing. i was walking around the store and i only picked it up by chance whilst i was waiting for an SA. when i looked in the mirror i fell in love. the coral pinkish colour was divine, and i can't get over how soft it is. i feel like when i touched it my hands were sinking through clouds!

    the funny thing is i don't think the bag is very photogenic. i've briefly seen it online plenty of times and just thought it was average. IRL it is diviiine!!!


    i really need it :hysteric:
  4. Frayed, the verdict in my PM's with Sophia a few months back was that it is not so delciate. She said if it marked, the marks would rub right out with a finger or some leather conditioner.

    I often hear that this bag looks so much better IRL than in photos - if you love it then I think you should buy it! I don't think you'll have to be overly careful.
  5. uh-oh. roey i've been hearing the same things re: not being so high maintenance. i guess my only worry is that coral is a light colour. hmmmmm. will go back next week, hope it's there and make my final decision. :choochoo:
  6. I agree, photos DO NOT do it justice.
    The softness is indescribable!
  7. get it, frayed_misfit!!! you know you want to! (haven't we convinced you enough on VF yet? :graucho: LOL!) You've been after a coral chanel for a while haven't you? heh.
    p.s. have you called the paris store about it yet?
  8. I love this bag! I , too, have been wondering how well it holds up after a bit of use.
  9. I know how you feel, it's soooo soft and gorgeous! GET IT!
  10. frayed misfit, i have a cloudy bundle tote in black and it's also my personal favorite. i tend to use it more than my other chanel bags. love the incredibly soft leather and how versatile it is. just not sure about the lighter color, but the black is holding up pretty well.
  11. bad news, i went into the store and spent about ten minutes just fiddling with it and umming and ahmming. i decided not to get it for now :sad:

    it started to look a bit like a diaper bag and well, i only loved it 95%

    i am sad i was intent on getting it :sad:
  12. Hee hee. That's what my friend said when I got my CB. I loved it once, and after a while I start to see it from her point of view, and she was ebayed.