how is the half moon woc quality holding up?

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  1. Hi, I just bought a half moon woc in burgundy!! yay!!!

    However, i am a little concerned as to how the half moon woc is holding up for people who had it for a long time:smile:

    Is washed cavair prone to scratches, color tfrs, warming of color etc..??

    Any input would be great.

  2. You should ask dinitegrity she's IMO, the WOC master ;)
  3. I'm hoping to own one sometime soon too so will be interested to hear what everyone has to say.

    And I'm sure that there will be lots of ladies wanting to know where you got your burgundy from - I think it's a very sought after colour! Congrats!
  4. Oh, but i saw from one of the websites that she was planning to sell off the halfmoon woc! thats why i was concerned with whether there were issues in maintenance of the bag or sth:smile:
  5. I have had 2 of them for over a year and they r AWESOME.I travel everywhere using them too.

    where did u find burgundy??Im dying for a third in THAT color!LOL!

  6. that's great to hear! do u protect them in anyway? at the moment, im being very paranoid. because i use it as a wallet, im putting it into the dustbag provided before placing it into my larger bag:smile: embarassing i know.

    I got it 2nd hand from a lovely lady on a local site which sells 2nd hand designer bags in singapore:smile:
  7. hiya, do u mind sharing the contact of this second hand shop in singapore? i'm trying to get half moon WOC. TIA.

  8. hi, its not a shop. its more of a site where people sell their bags. in fact, there is a white half moon now for sale now by one of our lovely tpfers for around sgd$1800.

    here it is:
  9. I have a washed caviar flap in fuchsia and have had it for over a year.. no issues!
  10. bellem I got my black half-moon WOC end of January and used it just 2 days ago.
    As it is my first time using it, I really cannot comment how it will hold up over long term.

    I must say it's quite a great WOC that can hold a lot of things, I stuffed it.
    I met my partner in crime who ordered the same WOC with me and she commented on the space it has to accomodate all the stuff on hers.

    By the way, I saw the listing for the burgundy half-moon WOC on the website u listed.

    Congrats on getting it! I'm sure you will enjoy using it! :smile:
  11. That's weird... She seemed to LOVE that Woc..
  12. thanks bellem. white colour is always a problem for me. colour transfer from jeans especially, but great site and lots of bags to look at :P
  13. congrats on ur purchase bellem! i saw the bag on dm too, was comtemplating whether to get it cuz it looks so pretty!

    i saw dinitegrity's off-white woc too, but i prefer a darker colour... u r such a lucky girl!
  14. thanks! its gorgeous in real life. Brought it out today and it looked great:smile:
  15. thanks! it can hold a lot! ive placed cards in all the slots, put notes as well as my iphone, tissue, plaster, coins and what not.

    congrats on ur black woc too! im sure u will enjoy using it as much as i do:smile: