How is the denim Spy like.. i got mine from Jomashop and am so disappointed..

  1. Hi girls

    Appreciate if fellow denim spy owners can tell me whether the "leather" on this model feels like plasticky pleather.. I got mine from Jomashop

    I was so excited as I thought the Fendi stores had run out of this design.. but the look feel is not what I expect. I own a chocolate spy which I bought from the Fendi I do the comparison and realise my Jomashop denim one seems more flimsy.. the hardware is lighter and the clasp on the coin pouch does not snap as firmly together.. What I am disappointed with is the "pleather" like feel look of the handles and the straps leading from the lipstick compartment... the fendi mirror is also more dull than the one on my chocolate..
    could it be that the newer models are more flimsy or that the denim is indeed a "cheaper" version than my nappa leather chocolate?
    I don;t have a camera with me now and it is too late in singapore.. but my heart is breaking... have a sinking feeling Jomashop might have passed me a fake .. though the box, cards and bag seem to match up... or is it just that I expected a lot more than what the Fendi denim can offer?? arghh. it's killing me.. pls.. someone with the same model... can you tell me how yours is like:sweatdrop: thanks..
  2. I haven't bought anything from Jomashop, but you shouldn't expect the demin to be as good looking as the leather one.

    I have seen it in real life, and it's not worth the money. Even at $1k.
  3. you should post pics of it in the authenticate this thread,might help.
  4. Yes whenever you have a chance please post pics in the authenticate this thread. I bought two bags from joma, both were real. The one with leather has very good quality leather, and the other is denim but not the one you got, its the squirrel. The leather from joma is actually more bubbly but super soft compared to the leather from a spy i got off eluxury. The leather quality can vary but shouldn't feel like pleather!

    As for feeling light..the dimensions are slightly different compared to all leather spys and my denim is lighter than the leather. Pics would help though so whenever you get a chance! Worst case you have 30 days to return it to joma.
  5. I just saw this Spy at my local Neiman Marcus (downtown Dallas location). I didn't ask them to take it out of the display case, so I can't tell you how I felt about the leather. But If this one doesn't work out, you can always call Neiman's.
  6. ahhh so sorry its not how you expected it to be.

    I would ship it back for sure, if you are not 100 percent happy with it.

  7. agreed.
  8. I had this bag and the reason it feels like that is it's not leather- its a coated denim material- so dont worry about getting a fake- that's how they were made- if you dont like it you should definitely send it back! you need to love it!
  9. I've seen this bag and it is as you have described, so don't worry it isn't fake. Just send it back. ;) You can find another way to spend a grand.
  10. Thanks Girls and your support
    I examined it carefully again when I had the time and the sunlight. the models, numbers, everything matches up and the hardware is like my chocolate spy...the catch was a little loose and when I turned it in.. it clicked in place like my chocco...
    and now the "pleather" which I termed>>>
    turns out to be LAMINATED DENIM as the Fendi SA termed it.. this is why it was so plasticky.. I went to the Fendi boutique and nosed in there for some time.. looking at the denim hobos and a sequined denim medallion.. it is exactly the same feel as the one I have.. sooo, yes I have the real mc coy.. and in my opinion the nicer model in denim for the season.. which is why I suppose it ran out of stock in the boutiques...
    So if Saks and Neiman and Joma describes it as leather/denim SPY.. I want to know where the leather is .. ( the little navy tag inside?)

    as for the dull mirror.. well stupid me went into panick mode and it still had the protective plastic sticker over it... so that is why is it duller than the one on my chocco...!:okay:
    I guess Jomashop is selling the real deals as the bag was shipped in the original box from Fendi.. I know now that I remembered my Fendi SA taking out my Fendi from a similar box when I went to pick it up as it was on order for me. The brown box is huge and an illustration of the bag and its model number will be on a sticker.

    I am trying to decide whether to keep it.. cause I do need a causal denim bag and I am happy it is lighter ! .. My toddler may have made the decison for me though as the authencity card with the barcodes dropped on the floor and my boy picked it up in a flash and chewed on it... will Joma take returns with a chewed up authencity card?

    I guess the Laminated Denim was not what I expected as it was described as leather and denim... i am sure the SAs will tell me it is more tedious and costly to work with laminated denim than with leather? :confused1:
  11. Sorry that you don't like your spy. The handles are really gross feeling, and it looks really cheap with the laminated denim.
  12. Just agreeing with this... I own this bag and it is indeed coated denim and not leather.

    I know this is a really unpopular spy, but I love mine. :blush: I agree it's not worth the full price. But no matter what you pay for it, it's definitely NOT worth it if you don't like it.
  13. There may not be leather on it.... jomashop is not always the most accurate with its descriptions. I'd send it back if you're not happy, though. I doubt the auth card thing would really be a problem.
  14. lol @ the blushing cute. But yes I agree ^^ some may like it some may not, if YOU aren't loving it then you should get something you do. I don't think there will be a prob with the chewed card (you can say it came that way- just kidding!) "I am returning this because someone chewed the auth. card.." lol. Do you have any other bags in mind? :smile:
  15. an update:
    Girls, I took her out for a spin and realised that while the handles /fabric is not as gorgeous as my Chocco baby.. it is lighter and easier to "shewlpp" around as I don;t have to be careful that a lambskin outer can blush/stain or get nicked... I have always loved the design of the Spy so I gather this will become a good casual bag for me.. when I want to take a breather from my Balenciagas.