How is the Artsy Handle made?


May 24, 2010
While I was at LV the other week I over heard a SA telling a customer that the Artsy handle is all hand made & that it takes 22 hours to make just one handle.. I have no reason not to believe this as it was a SA that said it however I was just wondering if anyone else has heard this.. Thanks


Jun 19, 2007
I bought a Artsy on 17 Nov. My SA told me it's hand woven and I thought he said it took the artisan 4 hours to make the handle. I might have heard wrongly and it could be 22 hours.


Aug 22, 2007
I received a fake one on Ebay (long story) and was able to get a refund through paypal and since I use APO I was unable to ship the fraudulent bag through customs knowingly. So once I got it all proved I had to discard the bag. Curious about the handle I cut it open!!! On the fake strap it had several bands of leather on top of one another to give it girth. Then..the braid was woven through the sheath and wrapped around the leather bands. The ends of the braids were pulled taught and just held tight to the bands by pressure of the overlying sheath. Quite ingenious for a piece of crap. Needless to say, I took myself to the LV boutique and forked out the 1000 Euro for an authentic one and I will not be cutting this one...EVER!