How is the 2010 leather?

Jan 5, 2010
I haven't seen the 2010 bags in person. How is the leather (in terms of thickness, distressing, smooshiness, quality, etc.)? Is it like the 2009 leather? It seems to me that the leather Balenciaga uses has gone down a notch year by year. I wish they would go back to goatskin or at least high quality lambskin (like the 2008 bags had)!


Happy as Larry
May 10, 2009
By the Ocean
I bought Outremer and Sang, which I am guessing prelude the 2010 leather. Both are super-distressed, deeply saturated leather (which I love) and hardy leather.

It's totally different to chevre and the really soft Officier leather: I think the newest leather of the two bags I have, make for a bag that looks and wears quite differently. I do like it, as much as I like the chevre and old lambskin.

So if the 2010 collections are like that, I will be happy.