How is sizing for Jbrand? Do all the jeans run the same?

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  1. I only have one pair of jbrands, grey japanese denim 'jeggings' (not even sure if they count as jeggings, they have faux front pockets but the SA told me they were japanese denim similar to the cargo pants they have). I got the size 25, but now I wish I got the 24 because they have stretched out and the 24 would fit better now (but the 24 was very tight in the store).

    I want to get another pair of jbrands, skinny jegging types (but not the same fabric). Should I get the size 24 or 25?
  2. I would go for the smaller size since they usually stretch out. I think it just depends on the fabric. Why don't you order both sizes and try them both, and then send back whichever one doesn't work.
  3. Depends on the wash. Sable, for example, runs true. It is jegging stretchy material, but sizing down is not possible.
  4. I agree, order both and then send one back! Jeggings can be funny when trying to find the right fit!
  5. I can't order both since my friend is getting them for me with discount...
  6. gosh, i hate not knowing how much jeans will stretch. if i had to choose i'd get the larger knowing i could always get them taken in.
  7. Do you know the wash you have in mind? That might help with your sizing question.
  8. i have 5 pairs of jbrands and i always ordered the same size no matter if it was regular skinny jeans or jeggings...i feel like they dont stretch out that bad? i have the jeggings in pitch and olympia
  9. I think the jeggings are pretty TTS. Some of the washes of the skinny jeans like ink run a bit large so I order a size down, but I tend to stick to my true size if I'm at all unsure.
  10. I have many J Brand jeans and i'm the same size like you are (between 24 and 25). I got all my J Brands in a size 24. They all stretched a little with time. I had a 25 once and in the beginning they fit great but after a while i felt that they were a bit loose around the butt area... :-s So if you aren't one of the women who have skinny legs and a big butt i would recommend a 24 for you.
  11. I just tried on jbrand houlihans a few days ago and my usual size was way too loose for me. I could even go a few sizes lower with the way they fit me.
  12. ^^ True. The Houlihan is the only pair of J Brand Jeans i sized down for (23). But i think that's because i like them thighter than they are supposed to be.
  13. Will they shrink if I put them in the dryer?
  14. J Brands runs TTS for me @ 27 in skinnies & jeggings and are usually consistent. However, there's always one that ruins it...recently I got the Overdyed Leggings in Vintage Drab and they were SO TIGHT. I probably would have had to order a 28 or maybe a 29. :shocked:
  15. i normally wear a 28 (in 7's, citizens, hudson, siwy, and a 27 in true religions etc)- got the houlihans in a 28 and they stretched out too much. however my new 10inch skinnies I had to get a 29! no brand fits consistently IMHO.