how is rouge vif comparing with vermillion?

  1. i am new into B bags, TIA!!!!
  2. [​IMG]

    Here is a picture of my rouge vif day, and maybe someone else can post a picture of vermillion.
  3. Rouge Vif is my first Bbag and the red is a rich true red with berry undertones.
  4. thank you!!
    someone shows me a picture of vermillion plz! ~~
  5. There are a couple of threads already on rouge vif, vermillion and the other'll probably find them if you search the forum. Good luck!
  6. I saw the vermillion in Barneys this weekend and it's a very pretty vibrant rust color, more orange than the rouge. I love it.
  7. impasto love your day!! Hope someone can post a pic of their vermillion
  8. here is a pic posted in another thread by a tPF member -- vermillion is more orange

  9. got it !!! thanks a lot ~!!
  10. Here is my new rouge vermillion part time.
  11. Here is my 07 Vermillion Day - To me, it doesn't have the slightest hint of orange. Gorgeous Cheery RED!!:graucho:
    My new red Bally Hobo.jpg
  12. Lena and Purse, those Vermillion Bbags are to die for! They don't appear orangey at all. I'm really thinking about an 07 Day now. Where did you get yours Purse?
  13. :nuts:

    Your Day is SOOOO pretty, Purse!! No orange undertones, and looking so strawberry-ish!
  14. I just saw a vermillion twiggy yesterday and it definitely does not look orangey IRL. It was absolutely gorgeous, I so wanted to take it home yesterday:crybaby:
  15. I'm really fancying a vermillion twiggy now! xx