How is Murakami Multicolour done?

  1. Most of you know that I purchased a murakami Multicolour Alma~ I received her and she looks great. But~ how is the design put on the leather? It it like traditional mongram and part of the canvas or is it stamped on the leather? :confused1:
  2. It's a white or Black Canvas and then stamped with (multi)colors ...same way as the Monogram or Damier..
  3. does it come off?
  4. It's actually silk-screened on the canvas. Yes, it can peel or chip, although I haven't experienced that myself, but once the bag gets older maybe?? Also, the colors can fade in the sunlight if you leave it exposed for too long.
  5. I heard it was done after fabric was coated in MC but in mono it is done before? I have also heard that it can rub off just like the cerises line.
  6. The traditional monogram is actually in the canvas before they put the "coating" on it.
  7. I've had my white MC Alma for three years now and it looks as good as new!!! Nothing rubbed off, peeled off, faded, etc. Not to worry!!!
  8. Okay~ Thanks all of you because you just answered my question as one of my LV has a chip....It is an older bag 06-03 so nothing major. I wanted your honest opinion before giving to much detail. Thank you~:wlae: I feel much better!:sweatdrop:

  9. how often is it used?
  10. In the summer almost every day!:nuts: And I am notorious for being a klutz with my bags!!!:Push:

  11. OK! haha thanks, just wondering if that was with light or heavy, I wonder is the groom line has the canvas coates before or after the silk screening.
  12. are you sure? Since many of the vintage items the monogram has significantly faded off the bag...I remember seeing picture where the monogram was printed onto the canvas..

  13. OMG i dont think it does.. that would be a nightmare!

  14. :yes: Okay~ Just got off the phone w/ LV and the Murakami multicolour is silk screened and the color can chip off. that is settled, I can leave feedback for my seller. Thank's all!:P
  15. Groom line is the same as MC line (the pictures are silk screened onto the already coated mono canvas) as well as Cerises, Graffiti, Cherry Blossom, etc.

    And Traci IS right, traditional mono canvas IS under the coating.:yes: