How is LV shipped to the botiques???

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  1. :sweatdrop: I was thinking, LV tells up to keep our bags in shape, and not to fold them etc... So then, do they get all the bags sent to them stuffed and spaced so they don't rub??? I can just see them getting a box in with all these bags flat and squished at the bottom with a bunch of catalogues thrown all on top and a few gift boxes to fill in the holes. :crybaby:
    It would cost them alot if they actually come stuffed and their own box, so I am guessing they don't, plus if they did then every purchase would come with a box!
    Does anyone know how LV receives stock???:confused1:
  2. By FedEx from each distribution center located in each country or comparable shipping service.

    Whoops! I forgot to say once it has been received at the docks each country of origin for distribution.
  3. ^^cool!
  4. I've seen a delivery come into a store it's in big ugly brown boxes with loads of bags in the box I'd love to say they are all loving packed in their own individual boxes but sadly it's not the case.

    I can't tell you how much will power it took not to grab that box and run:lol: