How is light oak color for an everyday use?

Jul 3, 2014
I am planning on getting perry tote and fell in love with light oak color but wasnt sure about the color transfer or the bag getting dirty.

Can someone give me a feedback on light oak color bags/totes? how often you guys use the bag and how you maintain it?
Apr 27, 2014
I have a light pink Robinson purse and it has gotten a couple of color transfers. This, after being told that I shouldn't "expect" any of those issues. Luckily, I noticed it right away.

I used a white washcloth dipped in water to get the "transfer" to come off. I keep wipes in the purse when I wear it. I don't think I would do a light color in the future.


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May 6, 2012
SW Florida
I have a couple of bags in light oak, a Fleming and the York tote. I think we any light color you have to be somewhat careful with dye transfer. I use my lighter ones much less than the black or tan bags.
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