How is J. Crew's customer service?

  1. Just wondering is it hard to return items to J. Crew if the item does not fit? I've never tried their customer service yet and I know a lot of you here love this store. Thanks!
  2. It is really easy to return to J. Crew. I have never had any problems with them. I usually order online and do my returns in store so that I don't have to deal with shipping things back.
  3. i've returned stuff several times without a problem, but i always feel like the customer service there is crap when i'm shopping. i've basically stopped shopping there, i always get ignored by the salespeople, for some reason. jcrew is the ONLY store that i experience that in.
  4. i have returned stuff when i bought online and everything went smoothly.

    however, i had to return shirts at the j.crew outlet and got the third degree! the sa said something about not accepting a return w/out tags....their return policy says no such thing...i won!
  5. Great customer service. Always nice, knowledgeable, and try their best to help you.
  6. i do this too!

    fyi, if you order from inside the store (they have a little phone) there's ALWAYS free shipping! woo!
  7. Totally agree, always very helpful and pleasant...
  8. I hardly ever go into to JCrew stores but I shop on line a lot. Their customer service is very good in my book.
  9. They are great in the stores. Once I returned a tee that I bought on sale that got holes in it. It was a month or two old. They worked hard to scan it then found my credit card receipt on the computer and gave me another T shirt. My daughter just changed in their dressing room. Also they are great about online returns.