How is it possible that there are 2 dark red 2.55s

  1. on eBay already?
  2. If I'm not mistaken, that's the second one personalshoppers has sold already. She had a BIN on one I was watching the other day. I don't know how they not only get multiples, but get them so quickly while I"m still waiting and waiting:confused1:
  3. Well unless the buyer of this auction was a non-paying bidder.

    I'm ALL for making a profit on eBay but honestly I'm sure that only the 2 Hawaii boutiques have received their dark red inventory. So maybe they were on waitlists at both boutiques? Or maybe they get their inventory outside of the US?
  4. Both listings of Personalshoppers have different serial numbers, so she definitely got 2
  5. man, I thought I read some where that the Corporations were trying to do something to stop this gauging ( spelling here ) they very aware that people by more than one bag and sell for a major profit...and then the buyers who want the bag so bad buy it for hundreds over retail.....
    they are fast arent they...
    someone has some connections somewhere
  6. I can't even get one :crybaby:

  7. Hi Mon, do the photos on personalshopper's listing truly reflect the color of the dark red metallic (e.g. not too bling)?
    If yes, I am really really drooling over this dark red metallic :drool::drool::drool:
  8. Yes, their pictures are great!
  9. No fair!:wtf::crybaby:
  10. will these people make lots of profit from the sale on eBay? i mean the original price is us 2695, the selling price is 3500, so the profit is only around us 805, minus the ebay listing fees and shipping fees and the pulling string fees, i think in the end they only get around 600 usd, which i think maybe its worth to buy through i calculating right? i mean espc for people like me who doesnt live in a country with a chanel boutique, if i want to order something like this, i will have to call overseas over and over and over again which in the end it will cost around 600us anyway for the phone bill and the shipping bill. what do u guys think?
  11. :mad: I was late to waitlist for a red reissue and I'll be lucky if I even get to catch a glance of one IRL, so this just seems like capitalism at its worst. I understand the point of making a profit, but honestly it just doesn't seem fair that these resellers should get first dibs on bags with long and extensive reserve lists! I notice the same thing with Loubs.
  12. To be fair to Personalshoppers she's not making much of a profit (unless she didn't incur sales tax).

    The bag retails for $2695 + tax is approximately $2,900 add 8-10% in eBay & PayPal fees = between $3,130 and $3,190 is their cost (depending on whether the buyer is domestic or international).

    ETA: So their profit is about $250; but if they are able to buy without paying sales tax then their profit is about $400-$500 per bag.
  13. mon, i love u, i was just saying the same thing haha well more or less =)
  14. Mon, I talked to Brendan yesterday and he said the pre-fall jumbo is going to be the same shade as your dark red reissue!! So if personal shoppers bought up all the metallic reds, I'll be just as happy with the red jumbo. :p I'm going to for the red AND the purple because he said the purple is different than the metallic purple AND fall 06 purple!! I also had him put me down for the patent burgandy, dark grey and light grey jumbos. Those are just "wait and see" items though.