How is holiday shopping going????

  1. I always try to start shopping early and usually buy things year round for Christmas but this year I am off to a slow start. So I finally started some shopping online today. I shopped at for some books and CD's. I want to go to Tuesday Morning because I always seem to find alot of nice things there. I just want to get it all done before December.
    So how is everyone else doing????
  2. eek it's not. it should be but i'm having a tough time thinking of what to get anyone! eek!
  3. I'm all finished. I also have my gifts for Santa's Anonymous purchased.
  4. I'm almostttttttt done. The last few I have left are fairly easy so I shouldnt have much trouble getting it all done before the month is through.
  5. Another "almost done" here. One trip to the Hallmark tomorrow for an extra roll of giftwrap should do it. I'm also going to buy my Christmas cards there as well. It feels so much better to get everything done far in advance ...

  6. Me too! I am fresh out of ideas :shrugs:
  7. The only thing I've gotten out of the way so far is my son's teachers, aides, and therapists gifts.

    I really need to start shopping soon! I don't want to be stuck in a Toys R us after Thanksgiving. :nuts:
  8. I'm all done!! :biggrin:
  9. The few that we are going to buy for are getting consumables: food, wine, etc. As for us, we are going on a Christmas cruise! :yahoo:
  10. Yeah, I am glad I am not the only brat ;) I am almost done, too. I will be done by Thanksgiving and have a huge wrapping session the long weekend after Thanksgiving! That what I have been doing for years...makes the holidays much more enjoyable for me.
  11. JEEZ!!!!!!!!!!
    AM I the only one who HASNT EVEN STARTED?


    Putting it on my to do list for this week....
  12. I've kind of started...I have some I need to get shopping!
  13. It's not! Haven't even started yet.
  14. No, you are not the only one. I am usually half done by now but I haven't even started yet. I still have 3 birthdays (my two sons & a daughter) to buy for before Christmas. At least I don't have to buy the hubby anything, our trip to Ireland was our gift to each other. I guess I should get shopping!!
  15. This is the latest I 've been without starting. My brother suddenly decided to get married Christmas Eve. and it has sent the holiday plans for a loop. It is kind of exciting becuase my kids are grown and now I will have two new step nephews to buy gifts for (13 and 4), but I am not sure if we will be exchanging gifts this year or not. I guess I better get going on friends though.