How is everyone wearing their hearts???

  1. Are people keeping there hearts inside or showing them off?? I want to show mine off but am afraid of scratching it.
  2. I don't use my hearts in my bag because I carry a lot of stuff with me and they're more likely to get scratched in my bag. Here's a pics of my hearts on some of my bags...
    nimbus heart.jpg mahina heart.jpg IMG_3138.jpg
  3. I'm using my Violette one on my Amarante Brentwood:
  4. :nuts::nuts::nuts:
  5. Arrgh...I was thinking the same thing. I don't know where to display my Pomme heart. I tried putting it up against my Griet didn't pop big time, kwim? (I originally had a orange/brown Hermes twilly loosely tied to it)
    Any suggestions?

    rileygirl - LVoe how your Pomme pops on your Mahina.
    Lvbabydoll - as always...exquisite
  6. here is mine

  7. I am so jealous of all your hearts~ they're beautiful!:drool:
  8. I'm keeping mine inside and using them. I keep them in the dustbag so they won't get all beat up.
  9. Oh my sleeve.. hahaha..

    I'm pretty interested to see how everyone's using these, I decided to pass up on one and I'm wondering if that was a good or bad decision.
  10. I'm not using it...
    My bf gave it to me and he's keeping it until Vday!
  11. oh I sooo wish I could get one!! DH confirmed.......ABSOLUTELY NO HEART FOR ME! :sad:
  12. I'm actually using one for my Nano headphones and one for coins. I just ordered the amarante...not sure if I'm keeping it. Maybe I'd use it to store my son's Nintendo DS games in. Is three hearts too many?!! LOL
  13. These all look gorgeous! Rebecca - the two shades of purples look so gorgeous together! I wonder what I can use my pomme heart on? *hmm*
  14. I have the red one on the outside of my Tivoli and the gold one on my Trevi