How is everyone doing...

  1. ...with your New Year's Resolutions? Me, not so good, lol! Mine was easy or so I thought---quit writing on my hand!! (I'm a nurse---you medical folks will understand).

    How 'bout you?
  2. Is it NY already? :push: Haven't even put my NY resolution into action. It's the usual exercise more...
  3. i'm actually doing okay.

    stop drinking: i haven't had a drink since 12/28 even though i've really wanted to:yahoo:
    lose 30lbs: i've lost 3 lbs and started keeping a food journal again. it's a start.
    stop nailbiting: my hands are presentable looking and have been for roughly 5 days. :smile:
    find a hobby: i signed up for a dance class. something new and exersize. two birds, one stone.
    be more social outside a bar setting: i've called two friends this week and had lunch with a 3rd.

    that's it. i'm pretty proud of myself, but it's only the 17th. :smile:
  4. Lol, I'm doing fine because I didn't make any resolutions this year :lol:
  5. Mine is going okay so far!
  6. ilzabet-you go girl!
  7. I have 7 resolutions..
    started on 3 of them ;)
    Lost 6 lbs so far!!
  8. I don't make resolutions...but I was attempting a shopping ban. Then came the JCrew cashmere sale (blew it)....I will start again today!
    P.S......I always keep paper in the pocket of my scrubs so no hand writing here:nuts: but I totally understand Madamefifi!
  9. Doing pretty well actually. One of my resolutions was to attend church every week and I missed last week. Other than that, I've kept up with everything.
  10. So-so, my only resolution was too clean out some of the 'stuff' I have pack ratted away, I did really great last week...this week not so good, but DH is out of town, so a little busier than normal.
  11. I've lost 4 pounds:yahoo: 6 more to go until I reach my goal.
  12. Doing well. On January 1, I gave away 5 bags full of clothing and shoes I didn't want anymore to the Salvation Army. That was great -- my drawers and closet aren't so stuffer anymore.

    I am also doing very well with my resolution to eat healthier. No McDonald's for over a week now, no soda for 3 days, no candy bars in over a week. Salads for lunch every day. I feel pretty great!
  13. not so well.... I'm going to start NEW new year's resolution based on Chinese lunar calendar.(Feb 18) It'll give me plenty of time to reorganize my resolutions!! Hehe!!! :happydance: :blush: :happydance:
  14. So far so good...haven't lost any weight, but have been excercising.
  15. Not so good. My resolution was to become Organized. So the first thing I did was try to get some Organizing Equipment, which quickly descended into one of those unfortunate exercises where your attempt to avoid paying a lot for something ends up costing more than the original lot would have been, and I still don't have all the various little inserts for the binders, and I failed in trying to get everything into one binder or notebook or object.

    It turns out I need 3 separate lumps of everything, one for work, one for doctors and pills and one for personal, so I am still working on obtaining all the Organizing Equipment so I can try to develop a system that will make me Organized.

    Of course other people are doing it all in their heads or their yahoo calendar or in one little pocket sized thing that I can't even see the dates on without 5X magnifying glasses, and don't understand why I need so much Equipment. This is because they are just already congenitally Organized.

    Also I have to figure out how to make all the different systems cross-reference each other at least some of the time. This is a task which I think requires Linear Thought. I am not capable of Linear Thought so this is a struggle. And all the systems other people have thought of are very complicated and designed to be comprehensible only by people who are already Organized and capable of Linear Thought and therefore don't even need a system.

    I'm not giving up, though. I will hang in there and try to commit at least one Organized act every day, but I think next year my resolution will be to learn to embrace not being Organized.