How is Custom Purple leather breaking in?

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  1. I have one on its way to me (a custom purple mattie) and I'm curious to know how the leather is going to break in? For you ladies who have custom purple bags, what do you think?
  2. I wish I could help you out but I sold mine. =/
  3. It gets softer with use but I have not used mine enough to see it broken in. It is however a gorgeous purple grey shade,
  4. I have a custom purple mattie too and it's definitely gotten softer. I feel that this kind of leather might need conditioning though because it seems a little drier than the other ones I've had?
  5. I didn't find the leather too stiff considering its glazing. I'm sure it will break in nicely.
  6. Hi girls... can anyone describe to me what the custom purple leather is like? Is it calf leather? Pebbled? Soft? Smooshy? Do you girls like it? Anyone have it?