How is Bottega Veneta?

  1. Just heard about this brand~:shame:
    Who knows better about it?
    I searched ebay, seems not popular though~~
    some pics from Net-A-Porter
  2. Bottega Veneta is a premium brand .... quality all the way ...
  3. images from BV's official website is more appealing, I think..
    1.JPG 2.JPG
  4. HOW is Bottega Veneta????:weird: need to visit more often!:lol:
  5. woooooo~~~I got it:lol: thnx!
  6. No kidding!

    The reason you probably see these bags less on ebay is because fakes are easier to spot and write neg. feedback about....BV is all about quality! A real bag has amazingly soft leather and great craftsmanship. Its a classic bag to consider purchasing!

  7. I wasn't familiar with BV either till I joined this blog - I just visited their store on Rodeo Drive (while I was on a holiday in L.A) They have a "dazzling display" of gorgeous bags - I was embarrased to find out that they have a store 20 minutes from where I live in Miami, that I never knew about!! - so now I can go over there and drool to my heart's content!!! No buying right now, just got a new Roxanne that I'm in love with.
  8. I love my BV bag :love: The leather is sooo soft~ The quality is totally there :biggrin: I wouldnt worry too much about not seeing them on ebay. Like others have said, just means there arent as many fakes.
  9. I hardly ever say this, but I LOVE those braided handles. This seems to be a trend this season. Brilliant!
  10. I totally regret not buying a large terra-cotta woven hobo for $600 at the outlet in Cabazon.
  11. i saw my first bottega in real life a couple of weeks ago. OMG it's so soft...I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. i quote totally.
  13. I do too, there some new models with gorgeous details in addition to the woven leather.
  14. classic beautiful quality bag. IMO its even better than classic Chanels. I love bottega veneta wouldn't mind having a couch made by BV. :love:
  15. Wow~~Then I definitely shouldn't miss any chance to get one!