How is a large Pliage as a carry on bag?

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  1. I *really* don't trust the airline not to lose my bag on my ridiculously complicated flight(s), so I definitely want a carry on that's light so I can put in:
    -2 pairs of jeans (I'm volunteering in the middle of nowhere in a 3rd world country without laundry and need a pair to work in and one to travel back in)
    -a pair of sweats
    -a couple of t-shirts
    -a sweatshirt
    -camera (it's just a Canon Rebel, nothing too big)
    -possibly a fleece jacket
    -socks, underwear etc.
    -pair of sneakers (not bulky, they're really small and light)

    Do you think a large Pliage would hold that comfortably? Or should I try to find another really light bag as a carry on?
  2. Do you have the dimensions of the bag? I have several, and one is a very large duffel that would fit what you list. But I don't know the "name" of mine, whether it is LArge, XL, etc.
  3. Not sure about a large Pliage, but le sportsac bags are super light and come in lots of sizes.
  4. I'd get the extra large Le Pliage. I have one in the XL and several in the Large -- the regular Large won't fit everything you're carrying.

    There is also a model that unzips in the middle and can be carried cross-body -- but if you expand it, it won't meet most carry on regulations.

    In this photo, the one in the back with a light blue stripe down the middle is the XL. The brown one and the one with the pink stripe down the middle are the Large.

    I don't have one of the expanding ones, but when they're not expanded they're the same as my XL.

    Hope that helps . Your trip sounds exciting!

  5. get the medium le sportsac duffel bag..
  6. I respectfully disagree with Doreen, sorry. I think L is perfect carry on.

    OP, I do not know what "large" you refer to. Doreen shows her awesome custom bags, but here is my opinion on the regular Pliage
    -- large SHOPPING has long handles, probably too small for you
    -- large TYPE L has short handles, good carry on for me. It is a good size weekend bag.
    -- extra large TYPE XL also short handles, but personally my arm would fall off if i try to carry it around the airport. too heavy! :P

    I do agree that the expanding would be good because it has a shoulder strap in addition to a short handle.
  7. ^ I hesitate to disagree with ballet_russe on any Longchamp topic!

    I looked at your list of things you're bringing and thought the XL was a better size. My custom XL has long straps because I can't carry anything in my hands. My chocolate brown bag is a Large shopper, but I know it's hard to see the size in the photo.

    Can you go to a boutique or a retailer and see them in person?
  8. haha :flowers::flowers: I hope someday to have the family of custom bags like you!

    I am a tiny person so already the L is a bit awkward. OP, check the dimensions of the custom and regular since Doreen and I are comparing apples and oranges. I agree, seeing them IRL is better
  9. I have the XL and it should comfortably fit all of the items you described, however, as another poster mentioned, the handles are short and the bag cannot be carried under the arm. The bag is definitely big and you can fit a lot of stuff in it. I use mine as an overflow bag when I travel (when my checked bag is over 50 lbs or I did too much shopping on my trip). I have carried it on without any problems, but it can get heavy and you can't carry it over your shoulder. HTH
  10. Thanks for your input everyone!
    I was hoping the large I have at home would work, since I hate carrying bags in my hands, plus it's so light. The actual carryon bag I have that matches the luggage is insanely heavy.
    So far, I'm thinking either:
    -Use my large Pliage and put whatever doesn't fit in my medium and carry that as the handbag you're allowed to bring on the plane
    -Get an Herve Chapelier 925, since my friend (who is notorious for overpacking carryons) always manages to stuff an absurd amount in it
  11. I'd use the two bags you already have, but I'm in a frugal state of mind!

    The expandable Le Pliage with the cross-body detachable strap would be nice, too.
  12. I desperately want the expandable...One problem: airline #2 won't accept carry-on baggage larger than a large le Pliage. Good thing I checked, I was all set to buy one. But thank you so much for your advice. Next time I travel, it will definitely be with that bag!