'How is a designer bag an investment' question!

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  1. Last night driving home from work, my hubby and I were talking about designer bags being *a waste of money*. I was trying to explain that its an investment and he said how could it be when fashions always change and the bags won't be worth anything in years to come... I didn't really know what to say.. will they be? how are designer bags an investment?
  2. depends on the bag you get - LV doesn't lose it's value too badly, and hermes kellys and birkins can be resold for close to retail, but it just depends on the bag, color, and market at any given moment.
  3. For a LV you get 2/3 back when you sell it on ebay sometimes even more. Same with Chanel so I guess the classical bags hold their value but I think that a paddy won't sell for the same as a LV in 3 years time.
  4. An investment can be thought of in monetary units, but an investment can also have another signigicance. For example, Rolex watches are investments, and so are diamonds. Your fiance isn't buying you that Tiffany rock hoping to sell it five years down the road for profit. It's an investment because you will be wearing it for the rest of your life, therefore the money put in it in exchange for quality and beauty is a good investment.

    I believe many women feel this is the investment when it comes to handbags. I don't necessarily buy them only to put on eBay later. I would rather have one gorgeous purse that I can carry three times a week for five or even ten years, that looks great with many outfits, is top quality, and has a classic style, than a cheaply-made, trendy $30 bag. Will I even carry the latter for more than two months?

    The cost-per-wear as well as the satisfaction you get from it is where the true value of a handbag is. And in my opinion that's as good an investment as any.
  5. Actually with LV you do get most of your money back if not make some. Think about it. If you buy a speedy online now used (in good condition) that is 20 years old...you will probably pay around $250-$300. Now I would bet that 20 years ago it did not even cost that amount. I personally think LV is a great investment. YOu have to care for them very well in order to retain the value.


  6. rasberry, could not have said it better myself:blink:
  7. Thanks :biggrin:
  8. Well said. I agree.
  9. I was going to say what Raspberry said. It's about the longevity, not the resale value.
  10. Actually, contrary to what people mentioned, I would say that designer purses retain some of their resale value whereas cheap purses simply do not.

    For example, a classic chanel flap purse will depreciate from its original $1700+ price tag, but when it bottoms out, it will be around $700 or so. Yes, you'll lose the $1000 but you will also have the longevity that Swanky Mama mentioned. Cheap purses? You might get $5 at a yard sale.

    Secondly, if it is a rare purse in a rare color, it will go up in value. In the purse world, this is akin to winning the lottery, but look at the Birkin or Kelly market? Maybe I should call that the purse-bubble.

    Lastly, it's the joy of the wear, which is why we buy it in the first place. A cheap purse, you may wear it several times... get sick of it, get another one... whereas a nice one could give you the pleasure of toting it around for quite a while. I still have my LV's, Balenciagas, etc... And every time I tote them around, I still feel like a million! I am investing in my own joy and happiness! (Yeah... let me now try to sell this to my hubby :biggrin: )
  11. I guess what we do not know yet is the longevity of some of these brands: Chloe and Balenciaga for starters.

    We all know what a Louis will look like in 10 years, it will look great and be a collector item. The same can be said for Gucci; my mother has an old Gucci bag that an old flame gave her, that bag is 17 years old and it still looks fab.

    What will the padddy look like in 10 years, alarmingly, I noticed that the metallic fleck was flecking off of my key strap - (i have carried this bag 3 times). I don't buy these bags as investments (if I did I would buy LV); but, I am curious how well they will hold up years down the road.
  12. Loganz, that is so true! We don't know how long some of these bags will hold up. I do have an old coach bag and I can say that it holds up. I have completely abused it and used it to carry my dog around in. I'm surprised that it isn't completely fallen apart. I really hope some of these other bags hold up too, because I sure do like them and have spent pretty pennies on them!
  13. My Coach bags have held up amazingly. Only the suede bags show wear. My yellow and gold Hogan Scouts are both in perfect condition, and my Hogan Weekend/Shopper has a little wear at the corners but is still beautiful and the leather is butter soft. All of these are fairly classic styles that I can carry forever. I am hoping the Edith will be the same, since the styling is less trendy than the Paddington (which I do think will go by the wayside in a few years). If you buy quality bags, you carry them forever. The big question is, if the bags are designer/trendy, will we?
  14. I'm talking about proven "Classics", such as Chanel, Vuitton, Hermes, etc . . .
    I don't really group "It" bags as "investments" personally.
  15. I think if you're buying a bag just to resale, it's not a godo idea. You never know what will be hit, miss, classic, ect. Basically, you never know when to sell every style of bag. I think bags make better investments in the sense of longevity.