How Ironic: Fed-ex Tells Britney, To Go To Rehab !

  1. In one of those whowouldathunkit stories, hip hop impresario Kevin Federline has pleaded estranged wife Britney Spears to enter rehab.

    K-Fed - who was kicked to the curb courtesy of Britney's foot last November - has been trying to convince the paparazzi princess to clean up her life and has even threatened to take their two sons away from her.


    A source tells Star magazine: "Kevin has tried to convince Britney to check herself into rehab from every possible angle. First he tried threatening to take away the kids, and then he tried pleading with her to take care of herself."

    K-Fed has even joined forces with Britney's mom Lynne in a last-ditch effort to convince Brit-Brit to be a better mother to her two children, 16-month-old Sean Preston and four-month-old Jayden James.

    The source adds: "Kevin is afraid that Britney is going to hurt herself. Britney isn't spending enough time with the kids. They are being raised by strangers. He has told Britney to get help before it's too late."

    My, my, my -- how tables have turned. Not too long ago, K-Fed was the negligent babydaddy with no career and Britney was the embattled mother-of-two just trying to make. Oh what a year can do!
  2. Britney is gonna end up s***creek without a paddle, with her recent behaviour when it comes to getting the kids isn't she? Even K-fed's ex-baby momma seems to give him glowing reports on his child rearing skills, which is more than I can say about Britney and her recent pantiless antics. She really needs to get her act together.
  3. :rolleyes: La la la...
  4. she does need rehab
  5. whatever..they're both F'ed up in the head......and both could rack up some serious REHAB FREQUENT FLYER MILES...:nuts:

    I seriously feel bad for the two kids....:sad:
  6. babymomma:roflmfao: just seriously made me laugh out loud....for some reason when ever I hear or read "babydaddy"..and now "babymomma" gives me a chuckle...
  7. she needs to get it together quick!
  8. Agreed!
  9. I saw it coming not surprised this should be brit brit's wake up call
  10. Ugh...everything about this girl grosses me out.
  11. whoever thought that Kevin Freakin' Federline would be the voice of reason.
  12. For once I think that KFed is right...
  13. OMG, isn't that the truth!
  14. :rolleyes:
  15. KFed has EVERYTHING to GAIN and nothing to lose!