How insane is the recent price increase?

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  1. I know, it's insane. I didn't even realize it until I bought my 19C m/l and my SA texted me that the total after tax would be $7740 :shocked:. This will be my last classic flap for a very long while!
  2. Haha I'm literally watching your unboxing of that bag RIGHT NOW! I have two classics on my hit-list and I wanted to buy at least one at the Toronto boutique, but they're really making it tough. Blah! It's too much for Chanel with our insane sales tax on top. Oh well, your new flap bag is lovely! Enjoy it!!
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  3. I would agree, dear papertiger. To truly love Hermes is to be intrigued by much more than Bs and Ks. As you noted, H has a plethora of gorgeous things to fall in love with and buy so establishing a history is definitely not hard. That said, it is tough to be made to feel you have to do that first to be able to purchase certain items. Unfortunately, that is the case for some H lovers. Thankfully, it was not my journey but I still have many H items any way - just purchased after obtaining my Bs and Ks. I wish for many more to have a journey similar to mine so that they can feel excited about transitioning to another brand when and if ever they choose to.

    As for any advice to new Chanel lovers, the main thing would be to take a deep breath and a very detailed inventory of your closet, what you already have, would like to have, need, etc. The cost of purchasing luxury accessories is so high now that one must be as sure as possible to ensure few mistakes. Also, remember to have fun and enjoy the journey. As I mentioned in the Rolex and Hermes threads, if you are considering purchasing luxury items you are blessed. Not everyone can embark on journeys such as this so it is important to always be thankful! Thank you for asking for my thoughts, papertiger. :flowers: Hope it helps someone. :wave:
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  4. Coveted styles and colors of bags were selling for more than retail on the secondhand market and I think that played a part in Chanel’s decisions to raise retail prices. Why sell a bag for less to someone who will turn around and make a profit on it in the resale market? Chanel wants the max amount of profit for themselves, and deservedly so, especially in the case of resellers. And in raising their retail prices, they make the bags easier/more available to get directly from them which will in turn dampen the above-retail demand on the resale market. It seems to me that the current prices for classic flaps are pretty spot on with what I’ve been seeing in recent years for the most coveted resale pieces so Chanel has priced themselves according to what people have already proven they will pay. While I’m still sickened by the new prices, they make sense.
  5. I have been reading this threads and agree with pretty much everything that was mentioned here. I have several pieces and 3 new minis I just got this year and absolutely regretted them. My almost new black caviar mini already starts to show sign of wear as my mini o case that I use all the time, still looks good.
    Price increases + bad quality = a pretty angry lady
    Like several others stated before, Chanel is a business and the bottom line is to make profits. Someone mentioned to me that with Chanel released their first earning early this year (that showed strong earnings) and also Karl can’t keep producing several collections every year at his age.... All signs kind of show that they might try to sell to other investors???
    At any rate, I think I’m done buying new bags and might get an used piece if I find something I love
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  6. Thank you!! And thanks for watching my video :smile:. I'll try to enjoy it despite the insane price!!!
  7. Thank you for sharing your advice for new Chanel lovers, dear MarvelGirl. I have been loving Chanel for many years from afar and am currently planning my first purchase. Usually, I would describe myself (and be described by others) as very structured and plan my luxury purchases well. However, with Chanel it’s quite difficult for me - most items are regularly out of stock so comparing bags is almost impossible. I almost bought the current rectangular Mini but pulled back last minute (it’s lambskin and in the beginning I said to myself that my first bag should be very durable and therefore caviar). The FOMO is fueled well by social media and the SAs. So, in my opinion your advice to take a deep breath and always remember we are blessed because we can think about and go trough with these luxury purchases is the best possible!
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    Absolutely gutted. On November 1 a Chanel double flap medium bag was £3990 and yesterday the same was £4330! I bought my first chanel medium double flap in 1994 when Chanel charged only £780! I kept the Chanel boutique receipt as a souvenir! I bought a second one at that bargain price. Wish I had kept them in better condition over the years. Sold them for £200 each as vintage on ebay after hard wearing, as I did not know about Chanel spas back then! How can they justify such a huge price increase over the years? Now I can only afford preloved and that can be a minefield as copies out there are getting so good. I am checking everything from uv light on the sticker and hologram card, receipt, stitching, screws etc. Really anxiety provoking buying preloved but no choice now because Chanel bags have become overpriced big time!
  9. They’re charging for their brand and the history behind it (which I find pretty fascinating and iconic), and also for their research and design teams to continue pushing out amazing pieces (or so I hope).
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  10. Hi Quinni! You're so welcome! If I was able to provide any guidance, assistance, support or comfort, that makes me very happy. What a wonderful thing to be planning your first Chanel purchase! I know it can be intimidating, stressful and a bit frightening especially with the increases and all of the quality issues over the past few years. That said, you seem to have an excellent mindset about it all so I am sure you will be fine and make excellent choices. :yes: Please do post here when you have your new baby so that we can celebrate with you. Have fun and enjoy the ride, Quinni! :hugs:
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  11. Such a nicely written post! Totally describes my Chanel experience though I became bored with the line around the time the Boy Bag was introduced. I don't even know why. Like a switch turned off. Maybe I felt the Chanel aesthetic was turning into a money machine without regard for its heritage? I really don't know. The frequent increased volume of newer releases did nothing for me. The brand became overexposed & it's exclusivity became dilute.
    I began in the '90s collecting all types & sizes of Chanel bags-Classics, minis, totes, etc. I felt even collections like the Cambon reflected the spirit of Chanel. I understand the Boy & Gabrielle do also, however something was lost to me while the prices kept increasing. All my bags were bought from the boutique or in store boutiques

    Like you, I moved on to Hermès & am very happy with the line. Maybe as I grew older my priorities & tastes changed. Chanel still seems extremely popular in spite of price increases & quality issues
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  12. This whole thread just makes me glad I’m so petite anything bigger than their small bags look absurd on me haha. Can’t imagine paying 8k for a jumbo! I only have two more on my list, luckily (small classic flap caviar with shw and a mini so black)
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  13. Thank you! It indeed was intimidating to go into the Chanel store for the first time. However, that’s how it started out with Louis Vuitton as well and now I feel very comfortable when going there. I’ll make sure to post when I finally receive my first Chanel baby - though it might be a couple more months down the road.
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  14. I'm enjoying this thread and feeling a sigh of relief that I'm not the only one with some negative (horrors!!) thoughts about Chanel. I've been eyeing Hermes but not sure what I want. Probably a 30 Birkin. But getting one - probably impossible to be offered one. I don't like the game one has to play but I'm willing to try.
  15. Thank you so much, Keren16! :heart: I agree regarding your dislike/disinterest for the Boy Bag. I can respect that many others here really love the look but it is not for me either. How wonderful that you started collecting back in the 90s! What a fantastic capsule collection you must have! :nuts:

    It is good to hear that you too have found a new love in Hermes! And yes, Chanel will probably always remain popular no matter what they do since new young fans that have long admired their moms, grandmothers, and aunties handbags decide and become able to purchase every day. I feel for them because of the high prices and low quality but understand all too well the lure and pull to the history and chicness of the brand.
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  16. I paid $1999 for my white med caviar classic flap in 2007 and I've kept it in perfect condition thank goodness!