How insane is the recent price increase?

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  1. Hey, anyone knows what's the current price for classic m/l or Jumbo size in Canada? I'll attend a wedding in Toronto next week and I may visit the local boutique there.
  2. Agree. I find the prices on second hand sites offensive. Some are even higher than retail. I'd rather save more and buy brand new and get the boutique experience. I generally don't support reseller/pre-loved as principle as I feel it diluters the brand and makes it easier to get these bags which should be rare.
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  3. They have the prices on the website now, just so you know. :smile: I believe the current price is $6300 pretax for the M/L and $7100 for the jumbo. Not sure on the jumbo though, it might be less.
  4. Oh I forgot to write my actual post. :biggrin: The latest price increases really put me off Chanel. It seems like they are so greedy and increasing the prices several times a year is just ridiculous. The service in my country is also terrible. No wait lists, seems they never order the hottest items. If I'm dropping $7k on a bag I want better service than: "maybe we'll have it, come line up at the boutique on launch day." I live minutes from the flagship and I'd never consider buying a bag there, because the poor service, poor selection, and high prices make me feel like the brand is playing me. There are only two Chanels left on my wishlist and they will be preloved or bought in Europe.
  5. As I drove to work last night, I was stopped at a red light and took one hand to fiddle with one of the Chanel earrings in my ear. All I could think was, "OMG, these feel like plastic! I paid home much for these?"
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    So many great responses in this thread! I will add my little (not very bright) take.

    I think the scary and sad reality is, that the price increases are not random, they are business decisions, because Chanel is a business and their goal is simple, profit. I’m sure some experts at Chanel crunched the numbers, looked at the sales numbers, the demand, the past data points, the market size and growth...all those and they found that it makes sense for Chanel to increase the price. I am not buying at all that Chanel is doing it to make themselves “more exclusive” and a better brand or whatever. I’m cynical and I believe it’s all about one thing and one thing only: $$$.

    Now why is this scary? Because they know that you will lose sales because you increase the price, and they *will* have accounted for this when they made their calculations and the decision for going ahead with the increase. What this means, to me, is that no matter what we see here, with many of us (including me!) coming to the decision that we will stop buying Chanel, they *knew* this. They *accounted for* this. They are *ok* losing us. Ultimately maybe we are no longer Chanel customers because well, Chanel decided that they are fine losing us.

    Maybe I’m too cynical / pessimistic, and maybe Chanel is wrong, maybe there will be more people than they calculated that stop buying! So in the end I think the only thing that those of us unhappy with the way they are behaving can do, is to stop buying. The only way to speak is with your wallet. It’s sad but it’s the cold reality.

    And you know what? I don’t think it’s just Chanel. Like someone mentioned Gucci earlier in this thread - I get the exact same vibe from them since their resurgence in popularity (although it’s more new pieces’ prices instead of increases, but honestly? I think it’s the some root cause - the idea that you can raise price and profit even better). And oh I also am seeing it with LV in how they update their bags and the recent limitation of the cheaper canvas pieces. In the end they are businesses and they are here to do one thing - make money.

    Gosh I sound so bitter haha. Sorry!
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  7. This is so if you are buying current/recent models. With vintage (and on my side I am talking 90s and back) you are paying quite a bit less than store prices for better quality (plus a cooler look in my book). Of course, this is personal opinion but to me, the difference in quality between old Chanel and new Chanel is quite abysmal, I don't feel that is so much the case with, say, Hermes or even LV. Which makes the price increases in Chanel all that more difficult to swallow (but I as I said, I did buy a new bag a couple of weeks ago :cool:)
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  8. I am definitely being priced out by Chanel now. Back in 2013-2014, when I bought my first Chanel bag, a classic flap m/l, the price was approx aud $5500. Now the same bag costs aud $8000! This is a aud $2500 increase over a 4 year period.

    And I guess I am the type of customers that Chanel don’t care losing. I have the money for an $8000 leather bag but that amount is still a large sum to me, which I can better spend on my family. It seems that the type of customers Chanel wants is those who spend $8000 like $80. Each brand and each product has its own target market, and its position in this luxury goods industry, and price is one of the key indicators of what market they want to attract.

    By lifting their prices, they have obviously done their maket demand analysis that shows 1. Their products are in high demand (= sales going up), and 2. a large % of their sales came from customers who have a good amount of disposable income and can comfortably afford their bags. Price for almost anything, is not driven by its production costs, but rather by demand and how much the target market is willing to pay for.

    And for those of us who need to “save up” for a Chanel bag, or need to justify spending that amount of money, well unfortunately , we are not “rich” enough for their bags yet.

    Lol I sound so bitter too :P
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    Hi tPF friends, Chiming in here quickly to say that quite a few years ago I once was where you all are now. Frustrated and disappointed with Chanel. I am so thankful however that I was one of the ones who started buying Chanel flaps, WOCs, and accessories back in 2008 and had already acquired my entire Chanel collection before the first insane price increase hit, the decline in quality, and the discontinuation of the single flap. All of my flaps are single and all purchased new from a boutique or department store. Once the price increases started, I jumped ship and was fortunate to move on to Hermes but I also really like Hermes' aesthetic and look. I was also one of the blessed and lucky few that never ever had to purchase items I didn't want to secure a bag. I have popular and highly sought after colored birkins and a Kelly that I purchased with absolutely no game playing or purchase history - all three from Hermes boutiques (both the birkins purchased in the US, the kelly in Paris at FSH). Since then, I have gone on and purchased many other bags, gorgeous cashmere/silk shawls, CDCs, bracelets, shoes, charms, twillies, etc. BUT I only purchased them because I wanted and loved them though, not because I had to in order to get an SA to offer me a bag. So, a pleasant and wonderful experience can be had at Hermes after Chanel (if that is where you would like to move on to). I haven't purchased a Chanel bag in over 10 years! I will always love Chanel and still adore my collection but Hermes has been a great next chapter for me. Hang in there and good luck everyone!
  10. Ooops, excuse the typo. I meant how much for these. That's what happens when I try to communicate with people at 3 o'clock in the morning. :no: Brain function at 50 percent.
  11. You don’t sound at all bitter, and I think your insights are correct. It’s just the quality decline is obvious and sad to witness. It’s like buying a brand new Mercedes, Rolls, Escalade, etc.., driving for a block then the wheels just fall off. Yes, a business has to make profit, but give the customer what they pay for! I know we could beat this horse all day...but it is surreal. I also know there are some who don’t care ...
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  12. Honestly I’m personally priced out of chanel (at least here in the US) but I’ll prob still try to buy overseas. I’m a personal shopper so I’ve seen the decline in clients asking me to find classics but the demand for other styles such as coco handle, deauville, Gabrielle are still there, as are SLG’s (which have all sneakily seen a painful price increase across the board as well). That still didn’t stop the demand for current cruise colors in the styles that everyone loves such as the o cases and card holders. If I want classic, to resale market I go. The quality is better and the price is much more reasonable. Over $6K for a m/l CF is just insanity.
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  13. I also think that if someone only likes B ad/or Ks the aesthetic is probably not for them. There are so many delicious things to buy in H it's not actually a problem to build a purchase history.

    What would your advice be to new Chanel lovers?
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  14. Those aren't the CAD prices...the m/l is now $6825 CAD and the jumbo is now $7600 CAD :shocked:
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  15. Holy Karl :confused1: I thought the prices I posted were after the price increase, but I guess they only just updated the website. I was looking at a small that was $5800 CAD at the time of posting and now it's over $6k. WTH!! :shocked::shocked::shocked::shocked:
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