How insane is the recent price increase?

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  1. I bailed from Chanel in 2008 and went to Hermes; my Kelly was sitting on the shelf. Those days are gone, of course. Chanel's price hikes have long been a hot topic as has their quality.. Some, not all, Hermes pieces are handmade and while they are not glitzy look at me bags but rather pieces that will last a lifetime and beyond. To those who head to Hermes, do research the different leathers; i. e., which are the workhorse leathers that wear well in any climate. There is no shortage of resellers both of Hermes and Chanel. If you don't want to play the Hermes game of buying this, that and the other until one is deemed worthy of being offered a Kelly or Birkin, buy pre-owned or perhaps another style suits you better and it just might be in the back stock room. Having purchased both new from a boutique and pre-owned, I have been just as thrilled with pre-owned pieces.
  2. I’ll warrant fountain pens actually offer better value and quality for your money than Chanel bags. The Japanese and Italian mid range ones are appropriately priced and the really top end ones are actually painstakingly made by an artisan with decades of experience. And we all know how obsessed the Japanese are with perfecting their craft...
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  3. The pic shows a mini square and a mini rectangle..... of course the price would be different