How insane is the recent price increase?

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  1. Holy molly. Let me just put it out here.

    I took photos of the chanel mini prices at 10pm on Oct 31, and then another set at 7am on Nov 1. These are all in Australian $.

    The WOCs increased from A$3020 to $3340. Good grief

  2. Not justified, imo! The resale market will be a viable alternative for many.....
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  3. I'm more stunned by the cumulative effect of all of their price increases over the years. It's been a sickening thing to witness. My favorite brand but these insane increases are such a turn off when they were quite expensive enough especially in recent years. Plus I'm kicking myself that I didn't buy a classic jumbo in black caviar as my first bag way back in 2006 when it was still under $2k. But then again, I only recently added it to my wishlist so I try not to drive myself too crazy about it.
  4. I feel the same way too. went to the store last week.. I was really turned off by the price. I saw a small round bag don't know what it's called. It's cute but it's over $3500!!!! For such a small bag. I will probably get it if it's around 2000$. Which is I think already way too overpriced. And for the quality that is questionable nowadays. Do u guys think if we all go on strike and stop buying they will decrease the price hah!
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  5. I think this last price increase is really going to sour sales in the US and abroad. The response has been overwhelmingly negative much more so then increases in the past. There’s a limit to what most of us are willing to pay and I think Chanel is dangerously close.

    This season will probably determine wether they keep on the path of increase or decide to stop for the moment. So I definitely think we should all try to buy less if possible.
  6. I agree with this. I just received an email from an SA of what Cruise Collection classic pieces she has avail for immediate purchase. This is the first time I've seen so many minis in stock. This is nuts.
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  7. This price increase is so insulting imo. I'm a huge chanel lover and thought I'd buy one more Chanel, a reissue or classic flap, but for that price, I just cant.

    Preloved is the way to go now.
  8. This price increase is horrible and just basically taking advantage of us. The decrease in quality does not justify the price increase either. I was tempted to get the reissue I've been wanting but I figured that is what they want us to do. Buy in panic before the price increase so their sales would increase. They know that whatever they do, people will still buy their products so they get away with it. This is just ridiculous. =(
  9. ^ I agree with the quality/vs the price increase justification....just ridiculous...I'm glad I'm satisfied with the ones I have...I'd be very hesitant to buy when the quality has decreased over the years..but to be fair Chanel is not alone...they just don't make things like they used to...
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  10. They sprinkled something magical on all the bags at 12am 1st November that justifes these increases ;) . People will still buy though in an attempt to get a bag before yet another increase! we have all been there. I wonder if it will ever end. Mulberry raised prices dramatically and lost followers, Chanel as a an aspirational brand though is much stronger. For now they have lost me. Good luck everyone Xx
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  11. It certainly is for me.
    I think we may like the same little round bag. I forget the name. But I also checked the price and said Oh H*** no!
  12. I think that I'm moving on from Chanel and off to Hermes....I will not pay the new prices for basically the same styles in different colors and hardware....
  13. So, anyone who know le me on tPF or real life knows I like luxury but refuse to waste money. That being said, let me be a contrarian for a moment.

    Many TPF’rs have expressed discontent in past years over previous price increases. But, for those of us who hadn’t bought Chanel during the lower priced heyday yet, still wanted and could afford the bags at then current prices, what were we to do? Be sad on the sidelines with Michael Kors as you enjoyed your bags??? :lol: No, as handbag lovers, we “had” to buy. Personally, I bought some preloved (one at more than original retail because I wanted it pristine) and then still had to buy some things new to get what I wanted. Most people, however, just bit the bullet and bought all new. (God bless y’all.) Now I’m Chanel content and don’t feel any urgency to buy.

    So, the first point I want to make is that it’s fine for we who are now content to click our tongues and frown in consternation over the latest increase (of many). But, new buyers enter the market and will (want to / need to / be able to) buy at these prices.

    Second, Chanel is Chanel. I am not a Hermès fan so, with all due respect, no other brand than Chanel says luxury, spoiled, I’m pampered, I’ve arrived, I know quality, I have status - with a feminine ethos - like Chanel. Now, let me be clear, in recent months, I have moved to Dior for many of my new bags . I adore Dior. The quality is better. (Yes It is. Lol!), the designs are broader and more fresh while the price is lower. But, the cache isn’t as equal across most psyches as Chanel is.

    Candidly. Chanel is...Chanel. I can’t say I won’t be drawn in at a stupid price if they come out with the perfect color on the perfect style in the perfect material. Lol.

    Third point, maybe Chanel is trying to be the less equestrian and drab / more feminine alternative to Hermès. People do (IMHO) ridiculous things to get an Hermès - wait in looooong lines, spend lots of money with an SA on things they don’t want to build a relationship, buy a bag they don’t want to possibly get one they do, etc. We can all agree that Chanel quality is not Hermès quality. But, isn’t it possible for them to get close to - even if they can’t comlpletely replicate - the Hermès madness? And, that cache would cascade to the entire brand making price increase on clothing, shoes, etc. for Chanel more viable meaning more profit.

    Lastly, these are luxury goods. Honestly, why are we talking price? Billionaires and millionaires (I’d bet at least 90% of those aged 40+ on tPf have at least $1M in assets. In the US, where I live, that isn’t a hard goal. We have European old money And, in areas like Asia there is a still huge growing pop) can still easily afford the random Chanel at a whim. And, given that most women have one - five purses at most, one $6k - $10k bag purchase for them is a nothingness.

    So, no, the recent price increases aren’t insane. Chanel has some plan (I gotta believe they have good marketers who understand the fundamentals of price sensitivity) though I’m not a part of it. I won’t pay $7k+ for a Chanel bag when I prefer the single flap that are out of production AND have a a number of Chanel items that keep me happy. But, I’m just one gal. The world keeps moving.
  14. I read this sentiment often. I get the desire for quality can suggest a move to Hermès is the perfect alternative. But, I’d love to hear from you and others who feel this way how you switch styles. Hermès and Chanel look nothing alike. I’d have considered Hermès but the stying is blah for me. Dior which has beautiful quality is a closer swap out at a less expensive.
    So please share your thoughts. :flowers:
  15. Wow, they haven’t changed price yet on Canadian website, and it may be cheaper to buy from Canada than US, after currency exchange.
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