How In the World Did you guys Do It?!

  1. I can't pick out the color I want for my first bbag!! lol Almost everytime someone posts a pic I decide that's the color I want (until a new one is posted that is!!). I only know the colors I don't want, which is black or white. I think I have at least decided on the style.. a city, so at least I have a start (though I do like the mid-afternoon and bowlings! lol)!

    BTW... this has got to be the nicest group of folks in this forum. I was browing one of the other forums, and had to leave someone was just so rude!! SO thank you for making someone who is new feel welcome and not talking to me ,or anyone else that I have seen, like we are two-year olds!
  2. City's a great choice...

    check out diabro just for color reference and some availability of the city style...

    I vote SANDSTONE!


    or even BLUE INDIA

  3. Welcome. I am not going to be much help because my one and only bbag is a black city. If you are looking for a color that is a statement item then I would go with bold color. If you want a color to blend in with what you wear you will need to check your closet. I think that the color choice is mostly just personal preference so mainly it is up to you. I hope this helped a little.
  4. Oh yeah and


  5. Hate to give bad news, but it doesn't ever get easy! You will have to find a way to get them all!!
    I know because I have several. Find a store with a great selection and just stand there and stare until one just jumps out and won't let you leave without it!
  6. Haha. That is awsome advise :yes: . That is what I did:p !!
  7. I 2nd the vote for sandstone! I have a sandstone city and the color is unimaginably beautiful. I plan on getting a day bag in it, too (even though I already have a caramel day and the sandstone city).

    Its understated, versatile, and just different enough from the usual tan/caramel colors found in handbags that it makes heads turn.

    Other color recs that will work for all seasons and are extremely versatile are cafe or chocolate, truffle, any of the reds (though rouge theatre is my personal favorite), natural, griege, and grenat or bordeaux. I wear a lot of denim and I have found I prefer to wear non-blue toned bags with denim. Some blues look fine with jeans, but non-blue colors look better.

    Unless you know you are a bright color lover, don't choose a bright for your first bbag. Go with a color you are comfortable wearing with anything in your closet to any occasion.

  8. Sigh. If only that were possible with all of us. The closest store to me is 7 hours away in vegas.
  9. Hi and welcome!!

    For my first Bbag, I started out with a real neutral shade - the 06 Camel. Of course, when I purchased it, I only saw it in comparison with the 06 Emerald and some other colors that I already forgot. So for me, Camel was the more appealing color. I am a total jeans and t-shirt type of girl, so the Camel has that natural "not trying too hard" type of feel, which makes it great as a everyday bag.

    (and now that I am venturing into deeper Bbag territory, I find myself attracted to the Blues, Reds, Yellows, and Greens of the Bbag world....)
  10. I also have to add, that most of us on here didn't succeed in choosing one Bbag color. I know I couldn't. My count is all the way up to nine right now. So maybe that's our secret. We don't choose. We just buy them all (well, as many as we can afford anyway)!
  11. lol i totally agree with you.
  12. I completely understand you!

    Good thing is I'm really picky and can often eliminate many bags when i see them irl.
  13. In case you are wondering about availability...

    Here's a list of Bal Ny's stock for City (availability might have changed since I got this...)

    vermillion, marine, grass green, seagreen, cafe, natural, french blue (sold out i think), olive brown/marron, oxblood (grenat), forest green, truffle, black, light olive (origan - lovely color too), pale pink, white, emerald green, caramel, rust


    caramel, white, olive brown/marron, black, grass green, seasgreen, vermillion

    cement/greige, blueberry, fire engine red (rouge vif!), black, olive brown/marron

    cement/greige, blueberry, rouge vif

  14. There is not one close to me at all either, I just happen to travel alot where there are Bbag stores....Thank goodness! Or I order several via phone and then keep what I love love and ship back what I don't love love. Gotta be creative!!!