How in god's name I can get the eBay customer support #?

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  1. I have gone through all of the steps to get their number, but I'm only given the option to chat & I want/desperately need to speak with a human being in regard to getting final value fees credit to me. I need to get the PIN #, & I actually have the phone # (1-866-877-3229), but I can't get to the point where I get the blasted PIN # b/c eBay isn't giving me the "call us" option-grr!!!!!
  2. Oh my I went thru the same thing Saturday morning. Then I just kinda gave up thinking it was the weekend and they were closed.

    I also read if you type in 3 times a nonsense question you will get a pin# and a phone number. I have not tried that yet, let me know if that works. GL
  3. Ironic, isn't? That they would make it nearly impossible for the customers they claim to care about so much to contact CUSTOMER SERVICE. :rolleyes:
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    I tried to get through a few weeks ago, unsuccessfully. No matter what you ask or what topic you choose, you're never given a phone number to call. If you're lucky, a "Chat with us" link shows up.

    Today I tried three different phone numbers that offer the option to "speak to a customer service representative," but that option leads to another recording instructing callers to go back to the website, click on "Contact us" and "you will be given a number to call." But, big surprise, there's no number. You're back on the page that asks you to "Tell us how we can help and we'll connect you with an agent who can answer your questions"--which is blatant lie because no matter what you ask they keep directing you to "ask another question...Or try these related topics" over and over again without offering live help. All you get are links to a variety of help-pages topics that don't answer your question, which is why you need to speak to someone and why you clicked on "Contact us" to begin frustrating!

    Anyway, after asking dozens of questions and going through ALL the "topics" available, I found a few ways to get the "Chat with us" link to show up but only ONE way to get the "Call us" one to appear. If you click on that, you get the freakin phone number and PIN:

    • Click on "Contact Us" (a cruel joke...),
    • Click on "[See more topics]" at the bottom of the "Top Issues" list,
    • Click on "Bidding & buying" (third choice from the top),
    • Click on "Buyer Protection" in the 2nd topic box that opens,
    • Six topic choices (blue links) show up below,
    • Click on the last one: "How can I avoid vehicle fraud?"
  6. Thanks karmenzsophia ... here's the number in case anyone needs it:


    Although it says you need a PIN, you can still get through without one.

    Hours are 5 am - 7 pm Pacific time, 7 days a week.

    I'm going to put this number in my phone!
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    Thanks lori. Maybe you can help us get somewhere with that specific number. It's one of the numbers I tried. The recording says, "Good afternoon. Welcome to eBay Community Support. This call may be recorded for quality purposes. Please enter your PIN followed by the # key. If you would like to hear how to get a temporary PIN, press the * key. To get a temporary PIN log in at, go to our "Contact us" page and specify the purpose of your call. You'll be given a seven-digit temporary PIN and a phone number to use for that call. The PIN is only good for 15 minutes, so please do this just prior to calling next time..." After this, if you don't have PIN to enter, the recording says: "If you would like to proceed without a PIN, press "2." Since we're unable to verify your account, we're not able to help you at this time. Thank you for calling eBay. Goodbye," and hangs up.

    So this number sends you back to the "Contact us" page and the endless loop of "ask another question or try these related topics." I tried pressing "0" but that didn't help. Do you know how to override the recording and get to a human being?
  8. On some of these endless recordings (nor particularly Ebay) if you punch in 0000 or 1234, you can get customer service. Worth a try here maybe?
  9. You're right. That works with some phone recordings. :yes:
    Unfortunately, I tried one zero and multiple zeroes with the eBay ones, and nothing. :tdown:
  10. Also, getting a phone number is half the battle. Once you call, you literally spend almost 10 minutes going through different options and being put on hold before you get a live human being.
  11. Go to eBay's Answer Center....the people who answer questions there know a lot more than eBay employees and can answer any questions you have.
  12. Thanks for all your replies. Well, I was finally able to get a damned PIN # (thanks karmenzsofia), but of course the f#ckers are closed now!! I have literally tried to get the call us icon to show all day, so I could get that blasted PIN #, and now I finally get it, and they're closed!! It's official, I HATE eBay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cursing: I guess I will have to try yet again from work tomorrow.
  13. Ebay requires: a blood sample, urinalysis, spinal tap, finger print, and first born.... THEN they MIGHT consider giving you the customer service number. :censor:
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    Sorry, but I have to laugh, not only kuz you're freakin funny but also kuz it's either laughing or banging my head against the wall...


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